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50 ENGLISH OPINION Regent trembling at a star," in whose character, in addition to the most dis- graceful vices, we see a shocking, but not uncommon union of the wildest su- perstition with the most avowed infide- lity. During the reign of the next equally corrupt successor, we have endless re- cords of the state of society among per- sons in the higher walks of life. These notices are to be found in a multitude of the letters and memoirs of the individuals who were themselves actors and interlo- cutors in these scenes of familiar life. These fashionable societies are all that come within our present design. Many of these works have preserved the history of characters, principles, and sentiments, -which, had they been consigned to eter- ral religion would have had less to mourn, and virtue less to regret. Many of these writings, for life would be too short, and time ill-spent to peruse them all, are adorned with elegances of composition, and graces of style, 'which