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Chap. III. The HISTORY of the PURITANS. 75 and not willing to embroil themfelves in a controverfy of this nature, de- Ma;ry, fired Mr. Knox, in a refpectful manner, to depart the city, which he did 5, accordingly, March 25, 1556. After this, Cox's party being flrengthen'd by the arrival of feveral Englifh divines from other places, fixteen of them (viz.) 3 doors of di- vinity, and 13 batchelors, petitioned the magiftrates for the free ufe of king Edward's fervice book, which they were pleafed to allow. Thus the old congregation was broke up by Dr. Cox and his friends, who now carried all before them. They chofe new church-officers, taking no notice of the old ones, and Pet up the fervice book of king Edward with- out interruption. Knox's adherents would have left the matter to the arbitration of divines, which the others refufed, and wrote to Mr. Calvin to countenance their proceedings, which that great divine declined; and after a modeft excufe for refufing to intermedie in their affairs, told them, that " In his opinion they were too much addifted to the Englifh " ceremonies ; nor could he fee to what purpofe it was, to burden the " church with fuch hurtful and offenfive things, when there wis liberty " to have a Pimple and more pure order. He blamed their conduct to " Mr. Knox, which he faid, was neither godly nor brotherly ; and con- ' dudes, with befeeching them to prevent divifions among themfelves." This pacifick letter having no effect, the old congregation left their country- men in poffeffion of their church, and departed the city. Mr. Fox the Congregation martyrologift with a few more withdrew to Bail ; and the reft to Geneva, divides. where they were received with great humanity, and having a church ap- pointed them, chofe Mr. Knox and Goodman their paftors. Here they Part get* Pet up the Geneva difcipline, which they Englifh, under the Geneva. title of thefervice, difcipline, andform of common prayers and adminra- tion of Sacraments, ufed in the Englifh church of Geneva : With a dedi- cation to their brethren in England and elfewhere. Dated from Geneva, Feb. loth, 1556. The liturgy is too long to be inferted in this place, but is agreeable to that of the French churches. In their dedication they fay, " That their difcipline is limited within the compafs of God's " word, which is fufficient to govern all our actions. That the dila- " tory proceedings of the bifhops in reforming church difcipline, and " removing offenfive ceremonies, is one caufe of the heavy judgments of " God upon the land. That the late fervice book of king Edward, be- " ing now Pet afide by parliament according to law, it was in no fenfe " the eftablifhed worfhip of the church of England, and confequently " they were under no obligation to ufe it, any further than it was con- " fonant to the word of God. Being therefore at liberty, and in a " ftrange land, they had Pet up fuch an order as in the judgment of " Mr. Calvin and other learned divines, was moft agreeable to fcripture,. L 2 " and