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76 The HISTORY of the PURITANS. Chap. III. a; Mary, " and the belt reformed churches" Their reafons for laying afide the r late rites and ceremonies were thefe ; " Becaufe being invented by men, - " though upon a good occafion, yet they had fince been abufed to fuper " ftition, and made a neceffary part of divine worfhip. Thus Hezekiah " was commended for breaking in pieces the brazen ¡erpent, after it " had been erected Soo years, and the high places that had been abufed " to idolatry, were commanded to be deftroyed. In the new teftament, " the wafhing the difciples feet, which was prat ifed in the primitive " church, was for wife reafons laid afide, as well as their love-feafts. " Befides, thefe rites and ceremonies have occafioned great contentions in " the church in every age. The Galatian chriftians objected to St. Paul, " that he did not obferve the jewijh ceremonies as the other apoftles did ; " and yet he obferved them while there was any hopes of gaining over " weak brethren; for this reafon he circumcifed Timothy; but when he " perceived that men would retain them as neceffary things in the-church, " he called that which before he made indifferent, 'wicked and impious, " fayin that Whofoever was circumcifed, Chriyl could nothing profit him. " The like contentions have been between the greek and latin churches in " later ages. For which, and other reafons, they have thought fit to lay afide thefe human inventions which have done fo much mifchief; " contenting themfelves with that wifdom that is contained in God's " book ; which directs them to preach the word of God purely ; to " minifter the facraments fincerely ; and ufe prayers and other orders " thereby approved, to the edification of the church, and encreafe of " God's glory." Remarks. `' This is a fair Efate of the original breach or fchifm between the Engle exiles, on the account of the fervice book of king Edward; which made way for the diftin&ion, by which the two parties were afterwards known, of PURITANS and CONFORMISTS. 'Tis evident that Dr. Cox and his friends were the aggreffors, by breaking in upon the harmony of the congregation of Francfòrt, at that time in peace, and under an agreement to go on in their way of worfhip for a limited time, which time was not then expired. He artfully ejected Mr. Knox from his mini- stry, and brought in the fervice book with a high hand ; whereby thofe who had been in poffeftion of the church almoft two years, were obliged to depart the city, and fet up their worfhip in another place. The doctor and his friends difcovered an ill fpirit in their proceedings. They . might have ufed their own forms, without impofing them upon others, and breaking a congregation to pieces that had fettled upon a different foundation, with the leave of the government, under which they enjoyed protection. But they infifted, that becaufe.the congregation of Franc- fart was made up of Engli/h Men, they ought to have the form of