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98 The HISTORY of the PURITANS. .Chap. IV_ Queen commanded norforbidden by the laws of God. And the excellent archbi_ Elizabeth, mop `Ìillotfón in one of his fermoris, reprefents the di/enters as an hu- ssti mourous and perverfe let of people, in not complying with the fervice and ceremonies of the church, for no other reafon (fays he) but becaufe their fuperiors require them. But if this were the truth, 'tis a juftifiable reafon for their diffent, fuppofing the magiftrate requires that which is not within the bounds of his commiflion. Chrift (fay the Non-conform- ifts) is the foie law-giver of his church, and has enjoin'd all things necefa- ry to be obferved in it to the end of the world ; therefore, where he has indulged a liberty to his followers, it is as much their duty to maintain it, as to obferveany other of his precepts. If the civil magiftrate fhould by a ftretch of the prerogative, difpenfe with the laws of his country, or injoin new ones, according to his arbitrary will and pleafure, without confent of parliament, would it deferve the brand of humour or perverfe- nefs to refufe obedience, if it werefor no other reafon, but becaufe. we will notfubmit to an arbitrary, difpenfing power? Befides, if the magiftrate has a power to impofe things indifferent, and make them neceffary in the fer- vice of God, he may drefs up religion in any fhape, and inftead of one ceremony., may load it with a hundred. To return to the hiftory. The reformation being thus fettled, the queen iffued commiffions for a general vifitation, and published: a body of injunctions, confifting of 53 articles, commanding her loving fubjefts o- bediently to receive, and truly to obferve and keep them, according to their offices, degrees and ftates. They are almoft the fame with thofe of king Edward. I (hall therefore only give the reader an abftrad of fuch, as we may have occafion to refer to hereafter. Queen's in- Artic. I. " All ecclefiaftical perlons (hall fee that the aft of fuprema- Junttions. cy be duly obferved, and (hall preach four times a year againfl yielding " ° obedience to any foreign jurifdiêtion. Artie. 2. " They (hall not fet forth or extol the dignity of any images, " ° relifts or miracles, but (hall declare the abufes of the fame, and that " all grace is from God. Artic. 3. " Parfons fhall preach once every month upon works of faith, " mercy and charity, commanded by God; and (hall inform the people, " that works of man's deviling, fuch as pilgrimages, Petting up, of can-. " dies, praying upon beads, &c. are offenfive to God. Sparrow's Artie. 4. " Parfons having cure of fouls, fhall preach in perfon once a Collehion. as quarter at leaft, or elfe read one of the homilies prefcribed by the " queen to be read every funday in the churches where there is no fermons Artie. 5. t0 Every holyday, when there is no fermon, they fhall re- " cite from the pulpit the pater-nofler, creed, and ten commandments. Artie. 6.