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Chap. IV. The HISTORY of the PURITANS. 99 Artic. 6. " Within three months every parifh 4ía11 provide abible, and Z,ueen within twelve months Erafmus's paraphrafe upon the gofpel in Engdifh, E11559 th, " and fet them up in their feveral churches. Artie. 7. " The clergy (hall not haunt aleho fes o taverns, or (p nd " their time idly at dice, cards, tables, or any other unlawful game. Artic. 8. " None fhall be admitted to preach in churches, without li- " cence from the queen, or her vifitors ; or from the archbifhop or bi- " (hop of the diocefe. Artic. 16. " All parlons under the degree of M. A. (hall buy for their " own ufe, the New Teftament in Latin and Engdifh, with paraphrafes, " within three months after this vifitation. Artie. 17. " They fhall learn out of the fcriptures fome comfortable " fentences for the fick. Artic. 18. " There (hall be no popith procefíions; nor fhall any per- " Eons walk about the church, or depart out of it, while the prieft is " reading the fcripturés. //die. 19, " Neverthelefs the perambulation of parithes or procefiions " f with the curates fhall continue, who (hall make a fuitable exhortation. Artic. 2o. " Holy days (hall be ftriétly obferved, except in harveft i° , time, after divine fervice. Artic. 21. " Curates may not admit to the holy communion, perlons " -that live openly in fin without repentance; or, that are at variance with their neighbours, till theyare reconciled. Artie. 22. " Curates, &c. (hall teach the people not obftinately to vi- " olate the laudable ceremonies of the church. Artie. 23. " Alfa, they (hall take away, utterly extinguifh and de- " troyall fhrines, coverings of fhrines; all tables, candlefticks, trindals, and rolls of wax, piftures, paintings, and all other monuments of feigned " miracles, pilgrimages, idolatry and fuperiition, fo that there remain no memory of the fame in walls, glafs windows, or elfewhere within their churches and houles; preferving neverthelefs, or repairing both " the walls and glafs windows; and they fhall exhort all their parithon- " to do the like in their feveral houles. Artic. 28. " Due reverence (hall be paid to the minifters of the " gofpel. Artie. 29. " No prieft or deacon gall marry without allowance of the bifhop of his diocefe, and two juftices of the peace; nor with- ' out confent of the parents of the woman (if the have any,) or others " that are neareft of kin, upon penalty of being uncapable of holding " any ecclefiaftical promotion, or miniftring in the word and facraments. Nor fhall bithops marry without allowance of their metropolitan, and " fuch commiffionersas the queen (hall appoint. O z !Artie.