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Chap. IV. The HISTORY of the PURITANS. A declaration of certain principal articles ofreligion, fit out by order ofboth Rlleen archbi o s, metropolitans, and the re of the bi ho s for the unity of Elizabeth, Ihp ß f 1 p. 5 doc`t`rine tobe taught and holden ofallparns, vicars, andcurates ; as well in te/lication oftheir common confent in the [aid doElrine, to the flopping Reformers ofthe mouths of them that go about to 'dander the mini/lers of the church declara:ion for diverfzty of judgment, and as neceary for the in/Irullion of their prided 'by people ; to be read by the [aidparfans, vicars and curates, at their pfef- Jugge, the fan taking, or faro entry into their cures: dad alto, after that yearly, P inter. at twofeveral times ; that is to fay, the funday next following Eafter day, Cum Priv. and St. Michael the archangel, or onfume otherfunday within one month Reg. Maj. alter thofe feafls, immediately after the gofpel. " Orafmuch as it appertaineth to all chriftian men, but efpecially to. « the miniflers and p'aftors of the church, being teaches and in- " r ftructors ofothers, to be ready to give a reafon of their faith, when they .r (hall be thereunto required; I, for my part, now appointed your par-, " fon, vicar or curate, having before mine eyes the fear of. God, and " the teftimony of my confcience, do acknowledge for my felf, and re- .r quire you to affent to the fame. s. " That there is but one living and true God, of infinite power,. " wifdom, and goodnefs ; the maker and preferver of all things.; and " that in unity of this godhead, there be three perlons of one fubftance, " of equal power and eternity, the father, the fon, and the holy ghoft. 2. " 1 believe alto whatfoever is contained in the holy canonical fcrip- " tures; in the which fcriptures are contained all things neceffary to falvation ; by the which alto, all errors and herefies may fuficiently. " be reproved and convicted; and all doârines and articles neceffary. " to falvation are eftablifhed. I do alto molt firmly believe and confefs " all the articles contained in the three creeds ; the .Nicene Creed, Atha <s nalius's Creed, and our common creed, called the apo/lles creed; for " thefe do briefly contain the principal articles of our faith, which are at " large let forth in the holy fcriptures. 3. " I do acknowledge alto that church to be the fpoufe of Chrift, ,< wherein the word of God is truly taught, the facraments orderly min- " iftred according to Chrift's inflitution, and the authority of the keys " duly ufed : And that every fuck particular church hath authority to inftitute, to change, and clean to put away ceremonies, and other ec- .r clefiaftical rites, as they be fuperfluous or abufèd -; and to conftitute. " others, making more to feemlinefs, to order, or edification. 4. " Moreover.' confefs, that it is not lawful for any man to take upon. " him any office or niiniftry, either ecclefiaftical or fecnlar, butfiechonly. Vcm. 1.. P r. as 1 0