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io6 the HISTORYof the PURITANS. Chap. Iv. .queen " as are lawfully thereunto called, by the high authorities, according to Elizabeth, " the ordinances of the realm. :560. " Furthermore, I do acknowledge the queen's majefty's rero ative wv S 9 g p g , " and fuperiority of government of all eftates, and in all caufes, as well " ° ecclefiaftical as temporal, within this realm and other her dominions " 0 and countries, to be agreeable to God's word, and of right to appertain " ° to her highnefs in fuch fort, as is in the late a& of parliament expreffed, " and fince then by her majefty's injnnétions declared and expounded, 6. " Moreover, touching the bifhop of Rome, I do acknowledge and " confefs, that by the fcriptures and word of God, he hath no more au- " ° thority than other bithops have in their provinces and diocefes, and " ° therefore the power which he now challengeth, that is, to be the fu- " preme head of the univerfal church of Chrift, and fo to be above all " all emperors, kings, and princes, is an ufurped power, contrary to the " fcriptures and word of God, and contrary to the example of the pri- " mitive church; and therefore is for moft juft caufes taken away and " abolifhed in this realm. 7. " Furthermore, I do grant and confefs that the book of common " prayer and adminiftration of the holy facraments, fet forth by the " authority of parliament, is agreeable to the fcriptures; and that it is " catholick and apoftolick, and moft for the advancing of God's glory, " and the edifying of God's people ; both for that it is in a tongue that " may be underftood of the people, and alfo for the doi trine and form " of adminiftration contained in the fame. 8. " And although in the adminiftration of baptifm there is neither " exorcifm, oil, fait, fpittle, or hallowing of the water now ufed ; and " for that they were of late years abufed and efteemed neceffary, where- " as they pertain not to the fubftance and neceflìty of the facrament, and " ° therefore be reafonably abolifhed ; yet is the facrament full and per- " feétly miniftered, to all intents and purpofes, agreeable to the initi- " tution of our faviour Chrift. q. " Moreover, I do not only acknowledge that private mates were " never ufed amongft the fathers of the primitive church, I mean publick " minifl:ration and receiving of the facrament by the prieft alone, with- " out a juft number of communicants, according to Chrift's Paying, Take " ye, and eatye, &c. But alfo that the doftrine that maintaineth the " mafs, to be a propitiatory facrifice for the quick and the dead, and a mean " to deliver fouls out of purgatory, is neither agreeable to Chrift's ordi- " nance, nor grounded upon doârine apoftolick, but contrariwife molt " ungodly, and molt injurious to the precious Redemption of our Savi- " our Chrift, and his only fufficient facrifice, offered once for ever upon " the altar of the croft, so. "Iam