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Chap. IV. The HISTORY of the PURITANS. 1O Io. " I am of that mind alto, that the holy communion or facrament ,Quiext,, " of the body and blood of Chrift, for the due obedience to Chrift's in- r6o. " ftitution, and to exprefs the virtue of the fame, ought to be mini- " t.y ftered unto the people under both kinds: And that it is avouched by " certain fathers of the church to be a plain facrilege, to rob them of the myftical cup, for whom Chrift has flied his moft precious blood, fee- ', ing he himfelf bath Paid, Drink ye all of this; confidering alto that f, in the time of the ancient doctors of the church, as Cyprian, Hierons, " Augufine, Gelafius, and others, fix hundred years after Chrift, and " more, both the parts of the facrament were miniftered to the people. Loft of all, " As I do utterly difallow the extolling of images, relicks, " and feigned miracles; and alto all kind of expreffing God invifible, in " the form of an old man, or the holy ghoft, in the form of a dove ; and all other vain wórfhipping of God, deviled by mens fantafy, be- " fides or contrary to the fcriptures; as wandering on pilgrimages, let- " ting up of candles, praying upon beads, and filch like fuperftition ; " which kind of works have no promife of reward in fcripture, but con- " trariwife threatnings and maledhtions: So I do exhort all men to the " obedience of God's law, and to the works of faith, as charity, mercy, " piety, alms, devout and fervent prayer, with the affeaion of the heart, and not with the mouth only; godly abfinence and fatting, " chaflity, obedience to the rulers and fuperiour powers, with fuch like " works, and godlinefs of life commanded by God in his word; which, as St. Paul faith, Hath the promife both of this life, andof the life to " come; and are works only acceptable in God's fight. " Thefe things above rehears'd, though they be appointed by common " order, yet do I, without all compulfion, with freedom of mind and IL confcience, from the bottom of my heart, and uponmol'clure perfuafion, " acknowledge tobe true, and agreeabletoGod's word. And therefore I ex- " hort you all to whom I have care, heartily and obediently to embrace and " receive the fame ; that we all joining together in unity of fpirit, faith " and charity, may alto at length be joined together in the kingdom of " God, and that through the merits and death of our faviour Jefus " Chrift ; to whom, with the father, and the holy ghoft, be all glory " and empire, now and for ever. Amen." Thefe were the terms of miniflerial- conformity at this time ; the oath Terms ofcon- cf fupremacy, compliance with the aft of uniformity, and this declaration offormitÿ net faith. There was no difpute among the reformers, about the firft and approved by laft of thefe qualifications, but they differed upon the fecond; many of many. the learned exiles, and others, refufing to accept of livings in the church according to the act of uniformity, and the queen's injundions.. If the P 2 popifh