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Chap. IV. lie HISTORY of the PURITANS. 135 clefiaflical commifiion, and in particular to Grindal bifliop of London, Tyeen (there being in that city the greateft number of clergy, and of the heft Elizabeth, learning, that refufed the apparel) to confult proper methods, to reduce them to an exaEt uniformity. After flame debate, the commifíioners agreed L. of Pat - upon certain ADVERTISEMENTS (as they were called) partly for due ker, p. rór. order in preaching and adminiftring the fàcraments ; and partly for the apparel of per fins ecclefiaftical. The articles for preaching declare, " That all licences granted before Advertife- e' March rft, 5 564, (hall be void and of none effeël ; and that all that fhall ments or in- " be thought meet for the office of preaching (hall be admitted again, pay- únaiors.for " ing no more than four-pence for the writing, parchment, and wax ; and Sparrow. " that thofe who werenot approved as preachers, might read the homilies. " In the miniftration of the communion in cathedrals and collegiate " churches, the principal minifters fhall wear a cope with Gofpeller and " Epi/loler agreeably ; but at all other prayers to be Paid at the coin- " munion table, they (hall wear no copes but furplices only : deans and " prebendaries (hall wear a furplice with a filk hood in the choir ; and when " they preach, a hood. °' Every minifler laying the publick prayers, or adminiílring the facra- " ments, &c. (hall wear a furplice with fleeves; and the parifh (hall provide a " decent table ftánding on a frame for the communion table ; and the ten " commandmentsíhall be let on the eaft wall over the Paid table. " All dignitaries in cathedral churches, doElors, batchelors of divinity " and law, having ecclefiaflical livings, (hall wear in their common " apparel a broad fide-gown with fleeves, 'trait at the bands without " s any cuffs, or falling capes ; and tippets of farcenet, and a fquare cap, " but no hats, except in their journeying. The inferior clergy are to wear long gowns and caps of the fame fafhion ; except in cafe of poverty, " when they may wear fhort gowns." To thefeAnVERTISEMENTs certain proteflations were annexed, to be M'w 5- made, promifed, and fubfcribed, by fuch as (hall hereafter be admitted to any ferrpaians. office or cure in the church. " And here every clergyman fubfcribed, and promif ed not to preach or expound the fcriptures, without fpecial licence " of the bilhop under his Peal, but only to read the homilies ; and likewife " to obferve, keep, and maintain, fuck order anduniformity inall external " polity, rites, and ceremonies of the church, as by laws, good ufages, and " orders, are already well provided and e(tablifhed." Thefe ADVERTISEMENTS were enjoined the clergy by the arch- bi(hop of Canterbury, the hdhhops of London and Rocheßer, commiffioners in caufes ecclefaftical, and by the bifhops of Winchepier, Ely, and fome others. The preface lays, " That they do not prefcribe there rules as " equivalent with the word of God, or as of neceffity to bind the con- " feiences of the queen's fu.bjefts, in their own nature.confider'd ; or as " adding any efficacy or holinefs to publick prayer, or to the facraments ; but