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558 ?he HISTORY of the PURITANS. Chap. IIY Q Mary, flaop Latimer, about the i3th of September. The beginningof next month eJ Holgate, archbifhop of York, was committed to the fame prifon, and Horn, dean of Durham, being fummoned before the council, fled beyond lea. Fereigners The form gathering fo thick upon the reformers, above eight hundred e'"Mcdta of them retired into foreign parts; among whom were five bithops have the Kingdom Poynet of ldinchßer, who died inexile; Barlow of Bath and Wells, who was fuperintendant of the congregation at Embden; Scary of Chichßer; Co- verdale of Excn, and Bale of O /Jory : Five deans, viz. Dr. Cox, Haddon, Horn, `Turner and Sampfon; four archdeacons, and above fifty doctors of divinity and eminent preachers, among whom were Grindal, yewel, San - dys, Reynolds, Pilkington, Whitehead, Lever, Nowel, Knox, Rough, Fox,. Wittingham, .Parkhurfl, and others, famous in the reign of queen Elizabeth: Befides of noblemen, merchants, tradefinen, artificers, and plebeians, ma- L. of Cran. ny hundreds. Some fled in difguife, or went over as the fervants of foreign.. P- 34 proteflants, who having come hither for fhelter in king Edward's time,, were now required to leave the kingdom ; among there were Peter Mar- tyr and yobn a Lafco, with his congregation of Germans. But to prevent too many of the Engli/h embarking with them, an order of council was fent to all the ports, that none fhould be fuffered to depart the. kingdom FIEft. Reir. without proper paffports. The roman catholick party, from an.abundant Vol. Ili. zeal for their religion, out-run the laws, and celebrated mafs in divers, P. 223'. churches, before it was reflored by lawful authority; while the people that. favoured the reformation, continued their public devotions with great feriouf- nefs and fervency, as forefeeing the ftorm that was coming upon them but the rude multitude came into the churches, infulted their minifters,.. and ridicul'd their worfhip. The court not only wink'd at thefe things,, but fined judge Hales (who alone bad- refufed to fign the ad which tranf . ferr'd the crown to rane Grey) a thoufand pounds fterling, besaufe in his circuit, he ordered the lattices of Kent to conform themfelves to the laws of. king Edward, not yet repealed ; which that gentleman Iaid fo much to heart, that he grew melancholy, and drowned himfelf, Popery re- The queen was crowned Oblób. r. by Gardiner, attended by ten other, freredbyPar- hilltops, all in their mitres copes and crofters;_. and a parliament was-film, lrament. moved to meet the roth.. What methods were ufed to fecure the elec- tions, has been already related. On the sift of Oétober a bill was feet. down to the commons, for repealing king Edwards laws about religion, which was debated fix days, and at length carried. It repeals in generals Rapin, all the late ftatutes relating to religion, and: ena/ts,. " That after the 2oth- p, 146. " of December next, there fhould be no other form of divine fervice than. << what had been ufed in the laft year of king Henry VIII." Severe pa, aaifhmen.ts were decreed agáinft.fucia as Ihould interrupt the publick fervice; as