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Chap. III, The HISTORY of the PURITANS. 59 as fhould abufe the holy facrament, or break down altars, crucifixes, or Mary, croffes. It was made felony for any number of perlons above twelve, to 151 affemble together with an intention to alter the religion eflablifhed by law. Nov. 3d archbifhop Cranmer, the lord Guildford, lady lane, and two o- ther fons of the duke of Northumberland, were brought to their trials for high treafon, in levying war againft the queen, and confpiring to let up another in her room. They all confeffed their indiétments, but Cranmer appealed to his judges, how unwillingly he had let his hand to the exclu- lion of the queen: Thefe judgments were confirmed by parliament, after which, the queen's intended marriage with Philip of Spain being difcovered, the commons fent their fpeaker, and 20 of their members, humbly to en- treat her majefty, not to marry a firanger; with which the was fo dif- pleafed, that upon the 6th of December the diffolved the parliament. The convocation that fat with the parliament was equally devoted to the Proceedings court. Care had been taken to fecure their eleétions. Irr the colle&ion of °f Convoca. public a&s, there are found rso prefentations to livings before the choice oft :on. reprefentatives; fo that the lower houle of convocation was of a piece with the upper, from whence almoft all the proteftant bithops were excluded by imprifonment, deprivation, or otherwife. Bonner prefided as the firft bifhop of the province of Canterbury. Harpfield his chaplain preached the fermon, on Ablsxx. 28. Feed theflock; and Won dean of Wefiminfler was chofen prolocutor. On the loth of O5/ober it was propofed to the mem- bers, to fubfcribe to the do&rine of tranfubftantiation; which all complied with, except the fix following, who by their places had a right to fit in con- vocation; Philpot archdeacon of Winchefler; Philips dean of Rocheller; Haddon dean of Exeter ; Cheyney archdeacon of Hereford; Aylmer archdea- con of Stow; and Young chaunter of St. David's: Thefe difputed the pointHi. Refor for three days, but the difputation was managed according to the fathion von. II. of the times, with reproaches and menaces on the ftronger fide; and the p. 267. prolocutor ended it with laying, You have the word but we have the Sword. 1554. This year began with Wyat's rebellion, occafioned by a general diflike Wyat's Re- of the queen's marriage with Philip of Spain : It was a raw, unadvifed at- hellion. tempt, and occafioned great mifchiefs to the proteftants, though religion had no (hare in the confpiracy, Wyat himfelf being a papitt : This gentle- man got together 4000 men, with whom he marched direly to London; but coming into Southwark, Feb. 2. he found the bridge fo well fortified, that he could not force it without cannon; fo he marched about, and ha- ving croffed the Thames at King/ion, came by Charing Crofs to Ludgate next morning, in hopes the citizens would have opened their gates; but being difappointed, he yielded himfelf a prifoner at Temple Bar, and was Rapin, afterwards executed; as were the lady Jane Grey, lord Guildford her huf- p, 161, band, and others; the lady Elizabeth her felf hardly efcaping, Wyat upon I 2 his