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The HISTORY .of the PURITANS. Chap. ill. w Mary, his trial accuing her, in hopes of faving his life; upon which the was or- dered into cuftod: but when Wyat faw he muft die, he acquitted her on the (caffold ; and upon the queen's marriage this fummer, the obtained her pardon. AC;:rr. :io As loon as the nation was a little fettled, her majefty, by virtue of the fupremacy, gave in(tru&iona to her bithops to vifit the clergy. The in- janEtions were drawn up by Gardiner, and contain an angry recital of all the innovations introduced into the church, in the reign of king Edward ; and a charge to the bifhops, " To execute all the ecclefraftical laws that " had been in farce in king Henry the VIIIth's reign ; but not to proceed in their courts, in thequeen's name. She enjoins them not to exalt the " oath of fupremacy any more, but to punifh hereticks and herefies, and " to remove all married clergymen from their wives; but for chafe that wou'd renounce their wives, they might put them into force other cures. " All the ceremonies, holidays and faits, ufed in king Henry's time; " were to be revived. Thole clergymen who had been ordained by the " ,late fervice book, were to be re- ordained, or have the defeéts of their " ordination firpplied ; that is, the anointing, the giving the prieftly veft- IlJr. Rfor.., nients, with other rites of the Roman pontifical. And 'all*, It was de= Vol. II. dared that all people fhould be compell'd to come to church." The p. 29o. erchbilhop of I"ork, the bilhopof St. David's, Che /der, and Bri/lol, were deprived for being married; and the bifhops of Lincoln, Glouce/ler, and Hereford, were deprived by the royalpleafure, as holding their bithopricks by fsch a patent. It was very arbitrary to turn out the married bithops, while there was a law fubfiftiñg to allow their marriages; and to deprive the other hilltops without any manner of procefs, merely for the royal pleafure. This was acting up to the height of the fupremacy, which though the queen difclaimed as an unlawful power, yet the tiled for the fer- vice of the Romifh church. The vacant bilhopricks were filled the lat- ter end of March, with men after the queen's own heart, to the number of fixteen, in the room of fo many who weredeprived or dead. The new bithops in their vifitation, and particularly bitkaop Bonner, exe- cuted the queen's injunétions with rigour. The mats was celebrated in all places, and the old popith "rites and ceremonies revived. The carvers and makers of flatues had a quick trade for roods and other images, that were so ,Numbers of be replaced in churches. The molt eminent preachers in London were un- the clergy der confinement r and all the married clergy throughout the kingdom depri- ejet7ed. ved. Dr. Parker reckons, that of 15000 clergymen, 12000 were turned ¿11t. Refer. Out ; which is not probable, for if we compute by the diocefe of Norwich, vot. M. which is alr:aoft an eighth part of England, and in which, there were but p, 226. 335 deprived, the whole number will fall fhort of 3000. Some were turned out without conviction, upon common fame : Some were never ci- ted,