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$88 3 Review of the principal faEls ohje5ed to the opprillion had made almofi mad. But even the BROWNISTS, again[} whom the ad of the 35th ELIZABETH was more efpecially levelled, and who fuffered molt feverely by it, for worfhipping God privately in feparate affemblies, were not guilty of fedition or rebellion, unlefsre- futing to come to church, or expofing the condu& of the bithops and their fpiritual courts, be fo conftrued ; I appeal therefore to the com- mon fenfe and juftice of mankind, whether they ought to have been punifhed for thofe crimes ; or whether their failings bore any proportion Speech otDr. to their fuffering. « If theft are wholefome feverities (lays the lord Sacheverel's << chancellor king) let humane nature determine; but I believe, (lays his trial, Fol. 8r, X9o. " lordthip) that there is not one perfan here [among the lords and corn- " mons of Great Britain] but if theft fiverities were to be inflic`led on himfelf, would be far from thinking them wholefome, and delire to be excufedfrom them." APPENDIX,