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( S89 ) A P P E N D I X . l HE defign of our author's appendix is to deteft fome of thofe falfe quotations and miflakes in the hi/tory of the puritans, which . he could not without too much interruption, mention in the former part of his work. Thofe which appear to be fo (hall be taken notice of and corrected at thedole of thefe papers, * tog-ether with Come others that he has overlooked. But it will appear prefently, that the chief of this writer's exceptions, are miftakes of his own, ariftng in part from inadvertency, and partly from too fuperficial an acquaintance with the hiftorians of thofe times ; for furely, no man ever fet up for a cenfor and critick upon a more flender bottom. The number of the miftakes. (he fays) might havebeen confiderably encreafed ; it would then have been more kind to have given Mr. N. an opportunity to corred them, unlefs they are ofas little importance and credit as thofe he has mentioned.. His reader is defired further to obferve, that Mr. N's miftakes (i, e. thole he has taken notice of)are in onefirain (viz.) to blacken theeftablment; which . is a fpecimen of our author's great candor and deep penetration. He has feleded what miftakes he pleafes, and then tells us, they are in one ftrain, to blacken the government. But Mr. N. is content, that the reader fhould make what remarks he pleafes, for he is very Cure, he never had a defign to make queen ELIZABETH'S government a jot whiter or blacker than it really was ; nor is he unwilling that the hidden works of darknefs of all parties fhould be brought to light ; but as he is only on the defenfive at prefent, and does not contend for victory but truth he thinks it fufficient to fet before the reader a few of this writer's too hafty refledions, and point him to fome of thofe authorities by which the contefted fads are fupported ; overlooking thofe which he appre- hends of little confequence, as the.firfl and fecond, and feveral others. Mr, They are corrected in the prefent edition in their proper places.