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890 A P P E N D I X Append. Mr. N. fays, that John Wickliffe was born at Wickliffe in Yorkfhire Hit about the year í32q.. and was educated in queen's college Oxford, where p, 2, he was divinity profefor. But Mr. Fuller affirms, that we can give no account of Wickliffe's birth or parentage that be was graduate ofMer- ton college, and that the profegorfhip of divinity was notfounded till the reign of king Henry VIII. and that Wickliffe's opinions were like the hones in Salifbury plain, no two can count them alike. I ewis's What pity it is this writer had not fen the very valuable life of Wick- L. Wick- life, publifhed by the reverend Mr. Lewis of Meregate, 1720. which Iif 8, begins thus ; " John de Wickliffé was born, very probably, about the " year 1324. in the parifh of Wickliffe, near Richmond in Yorkflzire, " and was firft admitted commoner of queen's college Oxford, then newly " founded by Robert Eggleseld, S. T. B. but was loon after removed " to Merton college, where he was firft probationer, and afterwards " fellow." The fame ingenious author tells us, that he was advanced to the profefforschair 1372, (which was almofi 14o years before king Henry VIII. was born) and has taken a great deal of pains to free the opinions of Wicklfe from the inconfiftency that Malanfon, and forre others, have charged them with. It appears by this writer, as well as by the catalogue tellium, that he was for rejecting all humane rites, and newfhadows or traditions [in religion] and with regard to the identity of the order of bops and priegs in the apoftolick age, he is very pofitive, Trial. Lib. << unum audaëler afro---- one thing I boldly affert, that in the primi- IV. cap. 15. p. 39'. " rive church or in the time of the apoftle Paul, two orders of clergy L. Wickliffe were thought fufficient, viz. prieji and deacon; and I do alfb fay, that see a f " in the time of Paul,fiit idemprefbyter atqueepfcopus, apriefi and a bi- Vindi': u o were one and thefame for in thofe times the di[tin& orders of Vindic. P. fhp f 4, 5, o. " pope, cardinals, patriarchs, archbifhops, bifhops, arch - deacons, offi- " cials and deans, were not invented." I could produce more paffages to thew Wickl7e's agreement with the puritans, but the gentleman is to be excufed this objel±ion, bccaufe he knew nothing beyond Fuller. ,. 219. Mr. N. lays, the true carfe of Cromwell's fall was, the_hare be had in the king's marriage with lady Anne of Cleves, but bop Burnet direc- ly contrad¡fis this. Let the reader judge ; his words are thefe, " an Hilt, Ref. " unfortunate marriage, to which he advifed the king, not proving ac- Vol. III, " ceptable, and he being unwilling to degroy what himflf bad brought P.172. " about was the occafion of his difgrace and deftruftion." If his lordfhip has contradifted this in any other place (which I apprehend he has not), he muff anfwer for it himfelf. Vindic. There wereforce pfalms, and a parapbrafe on the Lord'sprayer, at the pP- s9 endof the litany, but (lays our author) there were none fucb. On the `26 ur' contrary, hilltop Burnet faya ex refl p y, to this [the litany] are added " fom,e