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AIM 146 TOE EXERCISE OF TI be no communion between them and us. But whilst they are in the sanctuary, in the temple of God, in the holy worship of Christ and of God in him, and we are not only employed in the same work in sacred ordinan- ces suited unto our state and condition, butin the per- formance of our duties, do by faith enter in within the wail, and approachunto the same throne of grace in the most holy place, there is a spiritual communion between them and us. So the apostle expresseth it, Heb. xii. 22, 23, 24. 3. It is the way that God bath appointed toprepare the holy souls arosefor theenjoyment of that eternal state anhielt shall ensue at the end of all things. As we are here in and by the word and other ordinances prepared and made meet for the present state of things in glory; so are they by the temple- worship of heaven fitted for that state of things, when Christ shall give up theking- dom unto the. Father, that God may be all in nfl. 4tfily, Respect is had herein unto the faith ofthe church yet militant on the earth, and that among others, in two things. 1st, For the encouragement eftheirfaith. God could, as we have observed, upon the supposition of the atone- ment and reconciliation made by the blood of Christ, have saved the church by mere sovereign acts of power. But whereas it was unto his glory, that we should be saved in the may of faith and obedience, this way was necessary unto our encouragement therein. For it is in the nature of faith, it is a grace suited unto that end, to seek for and receive aid, help and relief, from God continually, to enable us unto obedience. For this end the Lord Christ continueth in the dis- charge of his office, whereby he is able to saveus unto the uttermost, that we may receive such supplies by and from him. The continual use that faithmakes of Christ unto this purpose, as he gloriously exerciseth his me- diatory office and power in heaven, cannot fully be de- clared.. Neither can any believer who is acted by pre- sent gospel light and grace, conceive how the life of faith can be led or preserved without it. No duties are we called unto, no temptations are we exercised withal, no sufferings do we undergo, no difficulties, dangers, fears, have we to conflict withal, nothing is there in life ordeath, wherein the glory of God or our own spiritual welfare is concerned, but faith finds and takes relief and encouragement, in the present media tory life and power of Christ in heaven, with the exer- 1E. MEDIATORY OFFICE cise of his love, care, and compassidn therein. t o ha proposeth himself unto our faith, Rev. i. 17,-12. 2dly, That our faithmay beguided and directed inall our accesses unto God its his holy unship. Were noth- ing proposed unto us. but the immensity of the divine- essence, we should not know how to make our approach- es unto it. And thence it is that those whoare unac- quainted with the glory of this dispensation; who know not how to make use of Christ in his present state "for an access unto God, are always inventing ways of their own, (as by saints, angels,. images,) for that end; for an immediate access unto the divine essence they can- not fancy. Wherefore to end this discourse in one . word; all the present faith and worship of God in the church here on earth, all access unto Nisi for grace, and all acceptable ascriptions of glory unto his divine lkiajesty, do all of them in their being and exercise, wholly depend on, and are resolved into the cnutinua- tion of the mediatory actings of Christ, in heaven and glory. 1 shall close this discourse with a little review of somewhat that passed before. From the consideration of that place of the apostle, wherein he affirms, « that at the end, Christ shall give up the kingdom unto the Father, I declared, that all the state of things. which we have described, shall then cease, and all things issue in the immediateenjoyment of Gad himself. I would ex- tend thisno farther, than as unto what concerneth the 't exerciseof Christ's mediatoryoffice, with respect un- to the church here. -below and the enemies of it. But there are some things which belong unto the essence of this state, which shall continue unto all eternity. As, 1. I do believe, that the personof Christ, in and by his human nature, shall be for ever the immediate head of the whole glorified creation. Gad having gathered all things unto an head in him, the knot or centreof that collection shallnever be dissolved. We shall nev- er lose our relation unto him, nor he his unto ms. 2..1 do therefore also believe, that he shall be the, means and way of communication between God and hit glorified saints for ever. What are, what will be the glorious communications of God unto his saints for ev- er, in life, light, power, joy, rest, and ineffable setis, faction, (as all must be from lima unto eternity,) I shall not now inquire. But this I say, they shall be all made in and through the person of the Son, and the lmtnita