Owen - BX9315 O81

OF CIHRIST IN HEAVEN. 147 nature therein. That tabernacle shall never be folded up, never be laid aside as useless. And if it be said, that I cannot declarethe way and manner of the eternal communications of God himself unto his saints in glory by Christ; I shall ónly say, that 1 cannot declare the way and manner of his communications of himself in grace by Christ, unto the souls of men in this world, and yet I do believe it. Ilow much more must we sa- tisfy ourselves with the evidence of faith alone in those things, which as yet, are more incomprehensible? And our adherence unto God by love and delight shall al- ways be through Christ, For God will he conceived of unto eternity, according to the manifestation that he bath made of himself in him, and no otherwise. This shall not be by acting faith, with respect unto the actual exercise of the mediation of Christ, as nowwe cleave unto God; but it shall be by the all satisfying act- ing of love unto God, as he bath manifested himself and will manifest himself in Christ. 8. The person of Christ, and therein his human na- ture, shall be the eternal object of divine glory, praise, and worship. The life ofglory is not a mere state of contemplation. Vision is the principle of it, as faith is ofthe life ofgrace. Love is the great vital acting ofthat principle, in adherence unto God with eternal delight; but this is active in it also. It shall be exercised in the continual ascription and assignation ofglory, praise, and honour unto God, and the glorious exercise ofall sorts of grace therein; hereof the Lamb, the person of Christ,' is the eternal object, with that of the Father and the Spirit; the human nature in the Son, admitted into the communion of the same eternal glory.