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22 MEDITATIONS AND DISCOURSES. if therefore we would behold the glory ofChrist, the sort are those mentioned of adoration, admiration, and present direction is, that on all occasions, and frequent- thanksgiving; which are thoseacts of our minds where- ly when there are no occasions for it by the performance in all others do issue, when the object is incomprehen- of other duties, we would abound in thoughts of him sible. For unto them we are enabled by grace. and his glory. I intend,not at present fixed and stated One end ofhis illustrious coming unto the judgment meditations, which were spoken unto before; but such of the last day is, thathe may be admired in all them that thoughts as are more transient, accordingas our oppor- believe, 2 Thess. i. 10. Even believers themselves shall tunities are. And a great rebuke it ought to be unto be filled with an overwhelming admirationon his gtori- us, when Christ hath at any time in a day been long ous appearance. Or, if the meaning be, not that he out of our minds. The spouse affirms, that ereshe was shall be admired by them, but admired in them, because aware, her soul made her as the chariots of Aminadab, of the mighty works of his grace and power in their re- Cant. vii. 12. It so fell out, that when she had no demption, sanctification, resurrection, and glory, is to thoughts, no design or purpose for attendance or corn- the same purpose, he comes to be admired. And eo- munión with Christ, that she was surprised into a rendi- cording to the prospect which we have of that glory nets and willingness unto it. So will it be with them ought our admiration to be. that love him in sincerity. 'Their own souls, without And this admiration will issue in adoration and previous designs or outward occasions, will frequently thanksgiving; whereof we have an eminent instance and engage them in holy thoughts of him which is the example in the whole church of the redeemed, Rev. v. most eminent character of a truly spiritual Christian. 9-15. " They sang a new song, saying, Worthyart 5. The next direction is, that all our thoughts con- " thou to receive the book, and to open the seals there- cerning Christ and his glory, should be accompanied " of: for thou wast slain, and hast bought us unto God with admiration, adoration, and thanksgiving. For " by thy blood, out of every tribe and tongue, and peo- this is such an object of our thoughts and affections, as " ple, and nation; and hast made us kings and priests inthis life we can never fully comprehend; an ocean whose " unto God: and we shall reign upon the earth. And depthswe Cannot look into. Ifweare spirituallyrenewed, " I saw, and heard the voice of many angels round a- all the faculties of our souls are enabledby grace to exert .e bout the throne, and of the living creatures and of their respective powers towards this glorious object. " the elders: and the number of theta was ten thousand This must be done in various duties, by the exercise « times ten thousand and thousands of thousands; say - of various graces, as they are to be acted by the distinct " ing with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was powers of the faculties of our minds. This is that " slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and which is intended, where we are commanded to love " strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing. And the Lordwith all our souls, with all our minds, with all " every creature that is in heaven. and in the earth, and our strength. All the distinct powers of our souls are " under the earth, and that are in the sea, and all to be acted by distinct graces and duties, in cleaving " things in them, heard I, saying, Blessing, and hon- unto Godby love. In heaven, when we are come to " our, and power, and glory, be unto him that sits up- our centre, that state of rest and blessedness which 'our " on the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever." nature is ultimately capable of nothing but one infinite The design of this discourse is no more, but that when invariable object of our minds and affections, received by faith wehave attained the view of theglory of Christ, by vision can render that state uninterrupted and in our contemplations on his person, we should not pass Unchangeable. But whilst we are here, we know, or it over as a notionof truth which we assent unto, name- see but in part, and we must also act our faith and love ly, that he is thus glorious in himself; but endeavour to on parts of that glory, which is not at once entirely pro- affect our hearts with it, as that wherein our own prin- posed unto us, and which asyet we cannotcomprehend. cipal, interest doth lie, wherein it will be effectual unto Wherefore we must act various graces in great variety the transformation of our souls into his image. about it; some at one time, some at another, according But some, it may be, will say, at least 1 fear some unto thepowers of all our renewed faculties. Of this may truly say, that these things do not belong unto