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ON THE GLORY OF CHRIST. 23 them, they do not find that ever they had any benefit by them. They hope to be saved as well as others by the mediation of Christ; but as unto this beholding of his glory, by constant meditation and actings of faith therein, they know nothingof it, nor are concerned in it. The doctrine which they are taught out of the scripture concerning the person of Christ, they give their assent unto: but his glory they hope they shall see in another world; here they never yet inquired af- ter it. So it will be. It is well if these things be not only neglected, because the minds of men are carnal, and cannot discern spiritual things: but also despised, be- cause they have an enmity unto them. It is not for all to walk in these retired paths; not for them who are negligent and slothful, whoseminds are earthly and car- nal. Nor can they herein sit at the feet of Christ with Mary, when she chose the better part, who like Mar- tha, are cumbered about many things here in this world. Those whose principal design is to add unto their pre- sent enjoyments (in the midst of the prosecution where- of, they are commonly taken from them, so as that their thoughts do perish, because not accomplished), will never understand these things. Much lesspill they do . so, whose work it is to make provision for the flesh to fulfil it in the lusts thereof. They must make it their design to be heavenly-mind- ed, who will find a relish in these things.. Those who are strangers unto holy meditation in general will be strangers unto this mystery in a peculiar manner. Some men canthink of the world, of their relations, and the manifold occasionsof life; but as unto the things that are above and within the vail, they are not concern- ed in them. With some it is otherwise. They profess their de- sire to behold the glory ofChrist by faith, but they find it, as they complain, too high and difficult for them- They are at a loss in their minds, and even overwhelm- ed, when they begin to view oats. GLORY. They arelike the disciples, who saw him in his transfiguration; they were filled with amazement, and knew not what to say, or said they knew not what. And 1 do acknowledge, that the weakness of our minds in the comprehension of this eternal glory of Christ, and their instability in me- ditations thereon, whence we cannot steadfastly look on it, or behold it, gives as an afflicting, abasing considera- tion of our present state and condition. And I shall say no more unto this case but this alone. When faith can no longer hold open. the eyesof our understandings, unto the beholding of the Sun of righteousness shining in his beauty, nor exercise orderly thoughts about this incomprehensible object, it will betake itself into that holy admiration which we have spoken unto: and there, in it will put itselfforth in pure acts of love and cont. placency.. CHAPTER IV.. THE GLORY OF CHRIST IN uro SUSCErl'ION OF THE OFFICE O FIRST IN HIS CO THE things whereofwehave thus far discoursed relat- ing immediately unto the person of Christ in itself, may seem to have somewhat of difficulty in them, unto such whose minds are not dulyexercised in the contemplation of heavenly things. Unto others they are evident in their own experience, and instructive unto them that are willing to learn. That which remains. will be yet more plain unit:. the understanding and capacity of the meanest believer. And this is the glory of Christ in his office of mediator, and the discharge thereof. In ourbeholding ofthe gloryofChrist herein, sloth the NDESCENSION.. A ntEDIA'rOR: exercise of faith in this life principally consist; so the apostle declares it, Phil. iii. 12. aYea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the " knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord. To know him,. `, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship - "of his sufferings, and to be made conformable unto . o, his death." This therefore we must treat of somewhat more at large.. There is one God, saith the apostle, and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. t Tim,. ii. 5. In that great difference between. God and man,