BT763 O9 1677

To the Reader. 4. Finding that not a few have of eemed it -compliant with their Interefl, to publifh exceptions again force few leaves, which in the handling of a fubje 1 of another nature I occafonally wrote many years ago on this Subje(t,I am not without Apprehen f ons, that neither the Jame perfonsorothers of alike temper and principles may attempt an oppofition unto what is here expref y tendered thereon. füppo f tion of fisch an Attempt, I fhall in one word let the Au- thors of it know, wherein alone fhall be concerned. For if they fall make it their bufinef to cavil at Expreffions, to wref my words, wiredraw inferences and conclufions from them not ex- prefly owned by me, to revile my pert on, to catch at advantages in any occafional pages, or other uneffntial parts of the Difcourfe, labouring for an Appearance of ftcceffand reputation to themfelves thereby, without a due attendance untoChriflian moderation,can- dor and ingenuity, I f alb take no more . notice, of roh. at they fay or write, then I would do of the greatef impertinencies that can be reported in this world. The fame Ifay concerning oppof- tions of the like nature unto any other writings of mine ; awork which as I hear, fome are at prefent engaged in. I have fomewhat elfe to do than to ca, ft away any part of the final! remainder of my Life in that kind pf controver(ial Writings which good men be- wail, and wife men deride. Whereas therefore the principal' de- gn of this Difcourfe, is to fiate the Doîtrine of yuflífication from the Scripture, and to confirm it by the Tef imonies thereof, (hall not efteem it f oken again, tinier our Expo fition of Scri- pture Teflimonies, and the Application of them unto the _ prefent Argument be dif roved by juft Rules of Interpretation, and ano- ther fénf of them be evinced. All other things which I conceive necef ry to be floken unto, in order unto the right underflanding and clue improvement of the Truth pleaded for, are comprif d and declared in the enfuing general Dif ourf s to that purpofe 5 Theft few things I thought meet to mind the Reader of From my Study, May the 3oth. 1677. .