BT763 O9 1677

To the Reader. mendation of it unto the minds of confiderative men. And there cannot be a more effectual Engine pliedfor the ruine of Religion, then for men to declame againfi the Doctrine of 5uflifacation by Faith alone, and other Truths concerningíheGrace of our Lord Plus Chrifl; as thole which overthrow the nece ity of moral Du- ties, Good "WVorks, and GoJJelObedience, whil.ft under the con- duct of the Opinions which they embrace in oppolition unto them, they give not the leaft evidence of the power of the Truth, or Grace of thé Gofiel upon their own hearts, or in their lives. Whereas therefore the whole GoIPehis the Truth which is after Godlinefs, declaring and exhibiting that Grace of God which teacheth us to deny all ungodlineß and worldly lu fts, and that we fhould lived berly and righteoufly and godly in this world ; we being fallen into thole times wherein under great and fierce ion tells. about notions, opinions, and ÿraCtices in Religion, there is an horrible decay in trueGoff el Purity and Holinefof lifé amongfl the generality of men, I fball readily grant, that keeping a due regard unto the only ftandard of Truth, a ficondary Trial of Doc rirges propofed and contended for, may and ought to be made by the ways, lives, walkings, and eonverfatïons Of them by whom they are received and profed. And although it is acknowledged that the Doctrine ,pleaded in the enduing difcourfe be liable to be abutd, yea turned into licentioufnef by men of corrupt minds through the prevalency of vitious Habits in them (as is the whole Doctrine of the Grace of God by jefus Chrift and although the way and means of its e ffffzcacy and influence into univerfal Obedi- ence unto God in Righteou(nef?and true Halinefs', be not dif er- nable without dome beam of f iritual Light, nor will give an ex- perience of their power unto the minds of men utterly deflitute of a. principle of kritualLifé ; yet if it cannot preferve its fia tion in the Church by this Rule, of its of ful tendency unto the promotion of Godlinef and its neceffity thereunto, in all them by whom it is really believed and received in its proper light and power, and that in the experience of former and prefent times, Ifhall-be content that it be exploded. 4. Finding