BT763 O9 1677

84 General Conffclerations previouflynecefury Pafíiotis and Interefts ofthem by whom .it hath been oppofed, are ufi ally afcribed unto it ; and all the Light, Liberty, and Benefit . of the Minds of men which it hath introduced, are afcribed unto other caufes. But this may be fignally obfer- ved with refpett unto the f?oïtrine of yi ífication, with the caufes and of e &s of its Difcovery and Vindication. For the firft Reformers found their own, and the Confciences of other men, fo immerfed in darknefs, fo preffed and harraffed with fears, terrours, and difquietments under the power of it, and fo deftitute of any fteady Guidance into the ways of peace with God, as that with all diligence ( like perlons fen - fible that herein their Spiritual and Eternal Intereft was con- cerned) they made their Enquiries after the Truth in this matter, which they knew muff be the only means of their Deliverance. All men in thole days, were either kept in Bondage under endlefs Fears and Anxieties of mind upon the convi &ions of fin, or lent for Relief unto Indulgences, Prieff- ly Pardons, Pennances, Pilgrimages, works fatisfa&ory of their own, and fupererogatory of others, or kept under Chains of Darknefs for Purgatory unto the laft day. Now he is no way able to compare things paft and prefent, who fees not how great an Alteration is made in there things even in the Papal Church. For before the Reformation, whereby the Light of the Gofpel, efpecially in this Doctrine of Juftifi- cation, was diffufed among men, and (hone even into their minds who never comprehended nor received it, the whole almot of Religion among them was taken up with and con- fined unto thefethings. And to inftigate men unto an aboun- ding fedulity in the obfervation of them, their minds were fluffed with Traditions and Stories of Vifions, Apparitions, frightful Spirits, and other Imaginations that poor mortals are apt to be amazed withall, and which their refflefs difqui- etnxents,gave countenance unto. Sonznzæ,