BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the Doctrine, &e. 87 In my judgment Luther fpake the truth when he laid amiff Articulo 7uflificationis, ßmul amiffa efl tote Doarimè Chriana. And I with he had riot been a true Prophet, when he foretold that in the following Ages the Do &rine hereof would be again obfcured ; the Caufes whereof I have -ale- , where enquired into. Some late Writers indeed among the Proteflant.r have en- deavoured to reduce the controverfie about Juflification with the Papifls, unto an Appearance of a far lefs real Difference, then is ufitally judged to be in it. And a good work it is no doubt to pare off all unneceffary occafions of Debate and Differences in Religion, provided we go not lò near the Quick, as to let out any of its vital Spirits. The way taken herein is to proceed upon Tome Conceffions of the moll fober among the Papifts, in their Afcriptions unto Grace and the Merit of thrift on the one fide; and the expreß judgment of the Proteftants varioufly delivered, of the neceflity of good works to them that are juftified. Befides it appears that in> different expreflions which either party adhere unto, as it were by Tradition the fame things are indeed intended. Among_ them who have laboured in thiskind Ludovitus le Blanc, for his perfpicuity and plainnefs, his . moderation and freedom . from a contentious frame of Spirit, is pene folio legi 4ignus.. He is like the Ghofl of Tireflas in this matter. But I mutt . needs fay that I have not feén the effe& that might be defired of any fuckundertaking. For when each party comes unto the Interpretation of their own. Concefíions which is ex coin muni jure, to be allowed unto them, and which they will be fure to do in compliance with their Judgment in the fubftance of the Do&rine wherein the main ftrefs of the Difference lies,, the diftance and breach continue as Wide as ever they were.. Nor is there the leaft ground towards peace obtained by any of our condefeenfions or compliances herein. For unlefs we . can come up entirely úuto= the Decrees and. Canons of the Cote-