BT763 O9 1677

88 General Confiderations prevïouf ly nece f farÿ Council of Trent, wherein the Do &rine of the Old and Névá Teftament is anathematized, they will make no other ufe of any mens compliances, but only to encreafe the clamour of Differences among our felves. I mention nothing of this na- ture to hinder any man from granting whatever he can or pleafe unto them, without the prejudice of the fubfrance of Truths profeffed in the Proteflant Churches ; but only to in- timate the ufelefsnefs of fuch conceffions in order unto Peace and Agreement with them, whilft they have a Procrufles Bed to lay us upon ; and from whofe faze they will not recede. Here and there one, ( not above three or four in all may be named within this hundred and thirty years) in the Roman Communion, have owned our Do &rine of Juftification for the fubftance of it. So did Albertus Pighius and the Antidagma Colonienfe, as Bellarmin acknowledges. And what he fays of Pighius is true, as we {hall fee afterwards ; the other I have not feen. Cardinal Contarenus in a Treatife of Juftification, written before, and publi{hed about the Beginning of the Trent Council, delivereth himfelf in the favour of it. But upon the obfervation of what he had done, forne fay he was thortly af- ter poifóned, though I mull confefs I know not where they had the Report. But do what we can for the fake of Peace, as too much cannot be done for it, with the fafety of Truth; it cannot be denied but that the Do &rine of Juftification as it works effe- &ually in the Church of Rome, is the Foundation of many Enormities among them both in judgment and Pra &ice. They do not continue I acknowledge, in that vifible predominancy and rage as formerly ; nor are the Generality of the people in fo much flavifh Bondage unto them as they were. But the ftreams of them do frill iffue from this corrupt Fountain, unto the dangerous Infe &ion of the Souls of men. For Miffatical Expiatory Sacrifiees for the living and the dead, the neceffity of