BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the Doctrine, &ca 89 of Auricular Corte con with Authoritative Abf lotion, Penances, Pilgrimages, Sacramentals, Indulgences, Comma tations, W crls Satisfactory and Supererogatory, the Merit and Interceffcn of Saints departed, with efpecial Devotions and Applications to this or that particular Saint or Angel, Purgatory, yea on the matter the whole of MonafickDevotion, do depend there- on. They are all nothing but ways invented to pacifie the Confciences of men, or divert them from attending to the Charge which is given in againft them by the Law of God ; lorry fupplies they are of a Righteoufnef of their oxen, for them who know not how to fubmit themfelves to the Righ- teoufnefs of God. And if the Doctrine of free Juflificati- on by the Blood of Chrift were once again exploded, or corrupted and made unintelligible ; unto thefe things as ab- furd arid foolifh as now unto Come they feem to be, or what . is not one jot better, men muff: and will again betake them felves. For if once they are diverted from putting their Trufl in the Righteouffiefs of Chrift and Grace of God alone, and do practically thereon follow after, take up with, or reft in that which is their own, the firft ímpreffions of a fenfe of fin which (hall befall their Confciences, will drive them from their prefent hold, to feek for fhelter in any thing that tenders unto them the leaft Appearance of Relief. Men may talk and difpute what they pleafe whilft they are at peace in their own minds without a real fenfe either of fin or Righ- teoufnefs ; yea and fcoff at them who are not under the power of the fame fecurity. But when they (hall be awa- kened with other Apprehenfions of things then yet they are . aware of, they will be put on new Refolutions. And it is in vain to difpute with any about Juflification, who have not been duly convinced of a flate of fin, and of its Guilt ; for filch men neither underftand what they fay, nor that whereof they dogmatize. We have therefore the fame Reafons that the firft Refor- N mers