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yuf iifÿing Faith, the Canis, Objeí` &c. 9 3': needlefs to engage at large into a farther diféuffion of them: However fomething muff be fpoken to declare in what fenfe we underftand thefe things ; what is that Faith which we afcribe our Juftification unto, and what is its Vfe therein. The Diftin &ions that are ufually made concerning Faith; (as it is a word of various fignifications .) I [hail wholly pte-- termit ; not only as obvious and known, but as not belong- ing unto our prefent Argument. That which we are concerned in is, :That in the Scripture there is mention made plainly of a twofold, Faith whereby men believe the Gofpe' For there is a Faith whereby we are juflified, which he who bath [hall be affuredly Paved, which purifieth -the heart, and worketh by- Love. And there is a Faith or Believing which doth.nothing of all this; whichwho hath,and hath no more, not juftified, nor can be faved. Wherefore every, Faith, whereby men are faid to believe, is not juftifying. Thus it is laid of Simon the Magician' that he believed, AcI. 8 13. When he was in the Gall of Bitterneff and bond of Iniquity, and therefore did not believe with that Faith whidi purifieth_ the Heart, A61.15. 9. And, that many believed on the name of yefus when they faw the Miracles that he did, but jefus did not commit himfelf unto them besaufe he knew what was irr man, 7oh. 2.. 23, 24. They did not believe on his Name as thefe do, or with that kind of Faith, who" thereon receive power to become the Sons of God, yob. I. 12. And fome when they hear the Word receive it with joy, believing for a while, but have no Root; Lune 8. 13. And Faith without a Root in- the Heart will not juftifie any. For with the Heart Men be- lieve unto Righteoufnef, Rene. ro. ro. So is it with them who [hall cry, Lord, Lord, (at the lait day) we have propbe jeil in thji name, whilft yet they were always workers of Inigpi -.. ty, *Math, 7. 22, 23. This -Faith is ufually called Hifforical.Faith' But this De- nomination is not taken from.the Objeîf of it, _ as though ie were .