BT763 O9 1677

94 Yutifying Faith, theCaufes, Obje &t, were only the Hiory of the Scripture, or the Hiflorical things contained in it. For it refpe&s the whole Truth of the Word, yea of the Promifes of the Gofpel as well as other things. But it is fo called from the nature of the Affint wherein it doth confiff. For it is fuch as we give unto Hiflorical things that are credibly teulified unto us. And this Faith hath divers differences or degrees, both in ref3_ef unto the Grounds or Reafons of it ; and allo its Ef- feits. For as unto the firft, all Faith is an Ant upon Te- ftímony ; and divine Faith is an Affent upon a divine Tefti- mony. According as this T'eftimony is received, fo are the Differences or Degrees of this Faith. Some apprehend it on humane motives only, and their credibility unto the Judg- ment of' Reafon. And their Affent is a meer natural Aec of their Ilnderfianding, which is the loweft degree of this Hi- florical Faith ; {blue have their minds enabled unto it by f]iiritual Illumination, making a difcovery of the Evidences of Divine Truth whereon it is to be believed. The Affent they give hereon is more firm and operative than that of the for - mer fort. Again, It hath its Differences or Degrees with refpea unto its Efe s. With fome it doth no way or very little, influence the Will or the Affections, or work any Change in the lives of' men. So is it with them that pro fell they believe the Goflel, and yet live in all manner of fins. In this Degree it is called by the Apoflle James a dead Faith, and compared unto a dead Carkafs, without life or motion, and is an Affent of the very fame nature and kind with that which Devils are compelled to give. And this Faith abounds in the World. With others it bath an effeétual work upon the Affections, and that in many degrees alto, reprefented in the feveralforts of Ground whereinto the Seed of the Word is caft, and pro - duceth many effeecs in their lives. In the utmoft improve- ment of it, both as to the Evidence it proceeds from, and the