BT763 O9 1677

9S 7uii fying Faith, the Gaut s, Obje5 ,, unto their nature, the knowledge whereof I tak for gran- ted, but only as they have refpeet unto our Jufkification. As to the first I fay, The work of Convielion in general, whereby the Soul of man hath a praáical underf}anding of the nature of fin, its Guilt and the Punifhment due unto it, and is made fenfible of his own interefi therein, both with refpe& unto fin original and aecual, with his own utter difability to deliver himfelf out of the fate and condition, wherein on the account of these things he findeth himfèlf to be, is that which we affirm to be antecedaneoufly neceffäry unto juftifying Faith ; that is in the Adult, and of whofe Juftification the Word is the external means and inftrument. A Convinced (inner is only SubbjeCum capax Juflificationis ; not that every one that is convinced is or muff neceffarily be juftified. There is not any,fuchd,,ifo(îtion or preparation of the fubjed by this Conviílion, its eífe &s and confequents, as that theform of 3lufiification, as the Papifls fpeak, or juftifying Grace muff neceffarily enfue or be introduced thereon. Nor is there any his preparation in it, as that by virtue of any divine Compaç$ or Promise, a Perfòn fo convinced, (hall be pardoned and juftified. But as a man may believe with any kind of Faith that is not juftifying, such as that before men- tioned, without this Conviction ; fo it is ordinarily previous, and neceffary fo to be, unto that Faith which is unto the Ju- ftification of Life. The motive is not unto it, that thereon a man [hall be affuredly juftified ; but that without it he can- not be fò. This I fay is required in the Perlon to be juftified in order of nature antecedaneoufly unto that Faith whereby we are justified, which we [hall prove with the enfuing Arguments. For (i) without the due confideration and fuppofition of it. the true nature of Faith can never be underftood. For as we have [hewed before, Jufiification is Gods way of the De- liverance of the convinced firmer, or one whofe mouth is flopped,