BT763 O9 1677

and Nature of it, declared. 97 I. The Do &rine of the Caufes of Faith as unto its firft Original in the Divine Will, and the way of its communi- cation unto us, is fo large, and fo immixed with that of the way and manner of the operation of efficacious Grace in Con - verfion ( which I have handled elfewhere ) as that I Ihall not here infift upon it. For as it cannot in a few words be fpoken unto according unto.its weight and worth, fo to en- gage into a full handling of it, would too much divert us from our prefent Argument. This I (hall only fay, that from thence it may be uncontroulably evidenced, That the Faith whereby we are ju{tified, is of an efecial kind or nature, wherein no other Faith which Jufrification is not infepara- ble from, doth partake with it. 2. Wherefore our firft Enquiry is concerning what was propofed in the fècond place, namely, what is on our part in away of. Duty previoufly required thereunto ; or what is ne- ceffary to be found in us antecedaneoufly unto our Believing unto the f uftification of Life. And I fay there is fuppofèd in them in whom this Faith is wrought, on whom it is be- fkowed, and whole Duty it is to believe therewith ; the work of the Law in the Convielion of fin, or Convi &ion of fin is a neceffary Antecedent unto Juftifying Faith. Many have dif- puted what belongs hereunto, and what effe &s it produceth in the mind, that difpofe the Soul unto the receiving of the Promife of the Gofpel. But whereas there are different Ap- prehenfions about there effe &s or concomitants of Convi &ion, ( in Compun &ion, Humiliation, Self- judging, with forrow for fin committed, and the like ) as alto about the Degrees of them, as ordinarily pre - required unto Faith and Conver- fion unto God ; I (hall (peak very briefly unto them, fo far as they are infeparable from the Convi &ion afferted. And I {hall firft confider this Convi&ion it felf with what is effen- tial thereunto, and then the effe &s of it in conjun &ion with that temporary Faith before fpoken of. I, Ihall do fb, not as O unto