BT763 O9 1677

0 2 yuflifying Faith, the Catf s, OhjeE cording to his mind, and by the ways that he hath appointed. I give not this as any definition of Faith, but only exprefs, what hath a neceffary influence into it, whence the nature of it may be difcerned. 2. The Effects of this Conviiion with their refpe t unto our Juflification real or pretended , may alto be briefly cónfi- dered. And whereas this ConviCion is a meer work of the Law, it is not with refpe& unto thefe E.& s to be confidered alone, but in conjunfion with, and under the condu& of that temporary Faith of the Gofpel before defcribed. And thefe two, Temporary Faith and Legal Convielion are the prin- ciples of all Works or Duties in Religion antecedenr unto Jufiification, and which therefore we muff deny to have in them any Caufality thereof. But it is granted that many Ads and Duties both internal and external, will enfue on real Convidions. Thofe that are internal may be reduced unto three Heads. (i) DijJlicency and Sorrow that we have finned. It is impoffible that any one fhould be really convinced of fin in the way before declared, but that a diflike of fin, and of himfelf that he hath finned, íhame of it, and forrow for it, will enfue thereon. And it is a fufficient Evidence that he is not really convinced of lin, whatever he profefs, or what- ever confeffion he make, whofe mind is not fo affected, Jer. 36. 24. (2) Fear of punifhment due to fin. For.Convidi- on refpeds not only the inftru&ive and preceptive part of the Law, whereby the Being and Nature of fin are difcovered, but the Sentence and Curie of it alto whereby it is judged and condemned, Gen. 4. 13, 14. Wherefore, where fear of the punifhment threatned doth not enfùe, no perfon is really convinced of fin ; nor hath the Law had its proper Work to- wards him, as it is previous unto the Adminifiration of the Golbel. And whereas by Faith we fly flow the wrath to come, where there is not a Senfe and Apprehenfion of that wrath as due unto us, there is no Ground or Reafon for our Be- lieving.