BT763 O9 1677

4ud Nature of it, declared. Q lieving. (3) `A derre. of Deliverance from that (late wherein . a convinced finner'finds himfelf upon his ConviEtion, is un- avoidable unto him. And its naturally the firft thing that Cónvidlion works in the minds of men, and that in varioua degrees of care, fear, folicitude and reftlefsnefs, which from. Experience and the conduët of Scripture Light, have been explained by many, unto the great benefit of the Church, and fufficiently derided by others. (2) Thefe internal Acts of the mind will alfo produce fundry external Duties which may be referred unto two Heads. (I) Abflinence f om known fin unto the utmoft of mens power. For they who begin to find that it is an evil thing and a bitter that they have finned: againfl God, cannot but endeavour a future Abflinence from it. And as this hath refpeét unto all the former internal Aéts, as Caufes of it, fo it is a peculiar exurgency of the lafl of them or a delire of deliverance from the ftate wherein fuch.. perfons are. For this they fuppofe to be the bell expedient for it, or at leaft that without which it will not be. And herein ufiially do their Spirits aft by Promifes and k'nvs, with renewed forrow on furprifals into fin, which will befall them in that condition. (2) The Duties of Religious Worfhip in prayer and hearing of the Word, with diligence in the ufe of the Ordinances of the Church, will enfue hereon. For without thefe they know that no deliverance is to be ob- tained. Reformation of Life and Converfation in various de- grees doth partly confifl in thefe things, and partly follow upon them. And thefe things are always fo, where the Con - vi&ions of men are real and abiding. But yet it muft be faid, that they are neither feverally nor joyntly, though in the highefi degree, neither necef ary difpo.' fìtions, preparations, previous congruities in a way of merit, nor conditions of our Juftification. For, I. They are not Conditions of Juftification. For where one thing is the Condition_ of another, that other thing muff fol--