BT763 O9 1677

fuecefs. Remainders of the Ignorance of the Truth in the Ro- man Church. Zlnavoidable confequences of the corruption of this Doeirine. Pag.83. CHAP. I. JVftat1on by Faith generally acknowledged. The meaning of it perverted. The nature and ufe of Faith in jusliftcation propofed to confideration. Diftinïtions about át,. waved. A two- fold Faith of the Gof el expreffed in the Scripture. Faith that is not juflifying. A &s 8. 13. Joh.2. 23, 24. Luk.8.13. Matth. 22. 28. Historical Faith, whence it is f called, and the nature of it. Degrees of Aff ênt in it. Juftif ation not áfcribed unto any egrec of it. A Calumny obviated. The caufes of true faving Faith. Convillion óf Sin previous unto it. The nature of legal Conviaion, and its Elias. Arguments to prove it antecedent unto Faith. Without the conuideration of it, the trite nature of Faith not to beunderslood. TheOrder and. Relation of the Law and Goffiel. Rom. 1. 17. Instance of Adam. Effects of Con - viclion, internal; Difplicency and forrow. Fear of punifhment. Defire of Deliverance. External; Abflinence from Sin: Per- formance of Duties 5 Reformation of Life. Not conditions of itf iftcation 5 not Formal Difpó/7tions unto it 5 not Moral Pre- parations for it. The Order of God in yuftification. The proper object o f juftifying Faith. Not all Divine V rity equal y 5 proved by fundry Arguments. The. pardon of our own fins, whether the fill object of Faith. The Lord Chri(t in the Work. of Mediation, as the Ordinance of God for the Recovery of loft Sinners, the proper object of jullifying Faith. The Pofiticn explained and proved. Rom.3. 24, 2.5. Fphef. I. 6,7J3. 'Ads Do. 41. Chap. L6. r3.. Chap. 4. 12. Luk. 24..25, 26,.27. Jots I. 12. 3. 16, 36. 6. 2 y. 7. 38, &c. Col. 2. 12. I Cor. 2. i, 31... Cor. 5. 19, 2O 2I. Pag92, 93,,&Ç.. CHAP:.