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CHAP. II. The nature of jellifying Faith in particular 5 or of Faith in . that exercifè ofit, whereby we are jullif ed. The Hearts approba- tion of the way of the Ju.tification , and Salvation of Sinners by Chrill, with its acquiefcency therein. The clefiription given, explained, and confirmed. (r.) From the nature of the Gofpel. (2.) Exemplified in its contrary, or the nature of unbelief. Prov. I. 3o. Heb.2.3. I Pet. 2.7: I Cor.I. 23, 24. 2 Cor. 4. 3, 4. What it is, and wherein it doth con /fl. (3.) The Delign of God, in, and by the Gofpel. His own Glory, his utmo i`l Pia in all things. The Glory of his Righteoufnef , Grace, Love, Wifdom, &c. The end of God in the Way of the Salvation of Sinners by Chrii. Rom.3.25. Joh.3.1 6. I Joh3.16. Eph.r.5,6. I Cor.r. 24. Ephef.3 ro. Rom.i. 16. 4.16. Ephef.3.9. 2 Cor.4. 6. The nature of Faith thence declared. Faith alone afcribes and gives this glory to God. Order of the Avis of Faith, or the me- thod in believing. Convielions previous thereunto. Sincere af- fnt unto all Divine Revelations, Alts 26. 2 7. The Propofal of' the Gofpel unto that end, Rom. I o. I I, 12,13, . &C. 2 Cor.3. ì 8. State of Pérfons called to believe. yus`lifying Faith cloth not conlïll in any one jingle habit or ail of the Mind or Will:' The nature of that afnt which is the firfi At of Faith. Appro- bation of the Way of Salvation by Chri , conmíprehen(ve of the fpecial nature of jig-lifting Faith. What is includid therein. (1.) A Renuntiation of all other ways. Hof 14. 2, 3. Jer.3. 23. Pfal. 7. 16. Rom. I o. 3. ( 2.) Confnt of the Will unto this Way, Joh. 14. 6. (3.) Acquiefcenìy of the Heart in God. I Pet. I. 21. Trull in God. Faith clefcribed by Trull, the Rea- fon of it. Nature and Objc f of this Trull inquired` into. A double conlideration of/pedal Mercy. Whether Obedience be in- cluded in-the nature of Faith. or be of the etnce of it. A lin- cere purpor of niverfil Obedience infeparable from Fáith. How Faith alone jus`lifíeth. Repentance, how required in, and unto>