BT763 O9 1677

and Nature of it, declared. 1 i r: and not to be juítified is to fùppofe a Contradi&ion. Nor do we enquire after the nature of any other Faith but that whereby a Believer is a&ually juflified. But it is not fb with all them in whom this _ent is found ; nor will thofe that Flead for it, allow that upon it alone any are immediately juftified. Wherefore it is fufilciently evident that there is fomewhat more required unto Juftifying Faith than a real Af- fnt unto all Divine Revelations, although we do give that Affent by the Faith whereby we are juítified. But on the other fide, it is fuppofèd that by fbme'the Ob- -- jetf of yufli Eying Faith is fo much reftrained, and the nature of it thereby determined unto fuch a peculiar ABeing° of the mind, as comprifeth not the whole of what is in the Scripture afèribed unto it. So fome have faid, that it is the pardon of our fins in particular that is the Obje& of Juftifying Faith ; Faith therefore they make to be a full perfwafion of the for - givenefs of our fins through the Mediation of Chrift ; or that what Chrift did and fuffered as our Mediator, he did it for us in particular. And a particular Application of efpecial mercy unto our own Souls and Confciences is hereby made the,Efhence of Faith. Or to believe that our own fins are for iven, feems hereby to be the firft and moft proper A& of 7uí fying Faith. Hence it would follow, that whofoever loth not believe, or hath not a firm perfwafion of the for givenee of his own fins in particular, bath no - Paving ; Faith, is no true Believer; which is by no means to be admitted. And if any have been or are of this Opinion, I fear that they were in the aflèrting of it, negle&ive of their own Experi- ence ; Or it may be rather, that they knew not how in their Experience, all the other Aftings of Faith wherein its Effénce Both confift, were included in this perfwafion, which in an . efpecial manner they aimed at; whereof we fhall:fpeak after- wards. And there is no doubt unto me but that this <. which they propofe, Faith is fhited unto, _ainaeth at, and loth or -- dinaril y.