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> o Yuftifying Faith, the Caul s, Objeti, chap. r r. 1. Rom. 5. II. Heb. I I. 17. To cleave unto God, .Deer, 4. 4. Ad. 11.23. And fo in the Old Teftament it is generally expreffed by Trull and Hope. Now none of thefe things are contained in a meer Affent unto the Truth ; but they require other a&ings of the Soul than what are peculiar unto the underftanding only. 7. It anfwers not the Experience of them that truly believe. This all our Enquiries and Arguments in this matter muff have refpeet unto. For the fum of what we aim at, is only to difcover what they do, who really believe unto the Juftification of Life. It is not what notions men may have hereof, nor how they exprefs their Conceptions, how defenfible they are againft Obje &ions by accuracy of Expref- fions and fubtile Diftinctions; but only what we our felves do, if we truly believe, that we enquire after. And although our Differences about it, do argue the great imperfe&ion of that {late wherein we are, fo as that thofe who truly believe cannot agree what they do in their fo doing, which fhould give us a mutual tendernefs and forbearance towards each other ; yet if men would attend unto their own Experience in the Application of their Souls unto God, for the pardon of Sin and Righteoufnefs to Life, more than unto the notions which on various occafions their minds are influenced by or prepoffef ed withall, many differences and unneceffary difpu- tations about the nature of Juftifying Faith would be pre - vented or prefcinded. I deny therefore that this general Af- fent unto the Truth, how firm foever it be, or what effe &s in the way of Duty or Obedience foever it may produce, doth anfwer the Experience of any one true Believer, as contain- ing the entire A&ings of his Soul towards God for pardon of fin and Jultification. 8. That Faith alone is Juftifying which bath Juftification a&wally accompanying of it. For thence alone it bath that denomination. To fuppofe a man to have Juftifying Faith, and