BT763 O9 1677

1 14 z1 ii Eying Faith, the Caul.r, Objet , the Advancement and Glory of the Grace of God in Chrf with the conduC of the Souls of men unto Reft and Peace with him. Where this is attained or aimed at, and that in the way of Truth for the fubftance of it, variety of Appre- henfions and Expreffions concerning the fáme things, may tend unto the ufèful exercife of the Faith and Edification of the Church. Wherefore neither oppofing nor rejeCing what hath been delivered by others as their Judgments herein, I fhall propofè my ómn thoughts concerning it; not without fume hopes that they may tend to communicate Light in the knowledge of the thing it felf enquired into, and the Re- conciliation of fame differences about it amongft Learned and Holy men. I fay therefore, That the Lord Yefus Chrift hire Elf, as the Ordinance of God in his work of Mediation for the Recovery and Salvation of loll (inners,, and as unto that End propofed in the Pronaife of the Go iel, is the adequate proper Object of Jufli fying Faith, or of laving Faith in its Work and Duty with refpe& unto our Juftification. The Reafon why I thus ftate the Objet2 of Juftifying Faith, is becaufe it compleatly anfwers all that is afcribed unto it in the Scripture, and all that the nature of it Both require. What belongs unto it as Faith in general is here fuppofed ;. and what is peculiar unto it as Juftifying is fully expreffed. And a few things will ferve for the Explication of the Thefis which (hall afterwards be confirmed. r. The Lord Jeff's Chri, fl himf if is afferted to be the pro- per Objet of Juftífing Faith. For fo it is required in all thofe Teftimonies of Scripture where that Faith is declared to be our believing in him, on bis name, our receiving hint, or loosing unto him, whereunto the Promifè of Jufti fi ration.. and Eternal Life is annexed'; whereof afterwards. See Yoh. r. x2. chap. 3. t 6, 36. chap. 6. 29, 47. chap. 7.38. chap. 15. 25. t . IQ. 41. AU. 13. 38, 39. A1. 16. 31. A. 26. i 8:. 2..:, He