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and Nature of it, declared. Y z 5 2. He is not propofed as the Objet of our Faith unto the Juftification of Life abfolutely, but as the Ordinance of God even the Father unto that end, who therefore alto is the im- mediate Obje& of Faith as Juftifying 5 in what refpeCts we íhall declare immediately. So Juftification is frequently af- cribed unto Faith as peculiarly a&ed on him, Yoh. 5. 24. He that believetb on him that Pent me, bath Everlajling Life, and fhall not come into Judgment, but is paled from Death into Life. And herein is compfized that Grace, Love and Favour of God, which is the principal moving cattle of our Juftifica- tion, Rom. 3. 23, 24. Add hereunto Yoh. 6. 29. and the Ob- jea of Faith is compleat. This is the Work of God, that ye believe on him whom he bath Pent. God the Father as fending, and the Son as fent, that is, Jefùs Chrift in the work of his Mediation, as the Ordinance of God for the Recovery and Salvation of loft rimers, is the Obje& of our Faith. See I Pet. I. 21. 3. That he may be the Obje& of our Faith whole gene- ral nature confifteth in Affent, and which is the Foundation of all its other Ads, He is propofed in the promifis of the Gofpel, which I therefore place as concurring unto its corn- pleat Obje &. Yet do I not herein confider the Promifes meerly as peculiar divine Revelations, in which fenfe they be- long unto the formal Object of Faith; but as they contain, propofe, and exhibit Chrift as the Ordinance of God and the Benefits of his Mediation unto them that do breve. There is an efpecial Ant unto the Promifes of the Gofpel, wherein force place the nature and effence of Juftifying Faith, or of Faith in its Work and Duty with refpeet unto our Juftification. And fo they make the Promifes of the Gofpel to be the proper Obje& of it. And it cannot be, but that in the A&ings of Juftifying Faith there is a peculiar Affent unto them. Howbeit this being only an Ael of the mind, neither thewhole nature, nor the whole work of Faith can Q 2 con-