BT763 O9 1677

120 yufßifying Faith, the Caul s, Object, Jet forth to be a Propitiation through Faith in his Blood ; to declare his Righteoufnee for the Remiffion of tins. Whereunto we may add Ephef. i. 6, 7. He hath made us accepted in the Beloved, in whom we have Redemption through his Blood, ac- cording to the Riches of his Grace. That whereby we are ju- fiified is the efpecial Obje J of our Faith unto Juftification. But this is the Lord Chrift in the Work of his Mediation. For we are juftified by the Redemption that is in jefus Chrifk; for in him we have Redemption through his Blood, even the forgivenef of fin. Chrift as a Propitiation is the Caufe of our Juftification, and the Objea of our Faith, or we attain it by Faith in his Blood. But this is fo under this formal Con- federation, as he is the Ordinance of God for that End, ap- pointed, given, propofed, let forth from and by the Grace, Wifdom, and Love of God. God fit him forth to be a Pro- pitiation. He makes us accepted in the Beloved. We have Redemption in his Blood, according to the Riches of his Grace, whereby he makes us accepted in the Beloved. And herein he abounds towards is in all wifdom Ephef. 1. 8. This there- fore is that which the Gofpel propofeth unto us, as the efpe- cial Objeét of our Faith unto the Juftification of Life. But we may alto in the fame manner confirm the feveral parts of the Affertion diftinítly. I. The Lord Jefus Chrift as propofed in the Promife of the Gofpel, is the peculiar Objeíl of Faith unto Juftification. There are three tints of Teftimonies whereby this is con- firmed. r. Thole wherein it is pofitively afferted. As Aft. lo. 41. To him give all the Prophets witnef?, that through his Name, whofoever believeth in him fhall receive the Remiffion of fins. Chrift believed in as the means and caufe of the Remiffion of fins, is that which all the Prophets give witnefs unto, A &.16. 31. Believe on the Lord jefus Chrifi and thou (halt be f ved. It is the Anf ver of the Apoftles unto the jaylors enquiry ; Sirs,