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and Nature of it, declared. 119. fication, in compliance with the Teftimonies of the Scrip- ture, and the Experience of them that believe. Allowing therefore their proper place unto the Pro/nil-es, and unto the Effe& of all in the pardon of fins and Eternal Life; that which I (hall farther confirm is, That the Lord Chrifl in the Work of his Mediation, as the Ordinance of God for the Recovery and Salvation of loft (inners, is the proper ade- quate Objea of uflifying Faith. And the true nature of Evan- gelical Faith confifteth in the Refpe& of the Heart ( which . we thall immediately defcribe) unto the Love, Grace, and Wifdom of God, with the Mediation of Chrift, in his Obe- dience, with the Sacrifice, Satisfaction, and Attonement for fin which he made by his Blood. Thefe things are impioufly oppofed by force as inconfifrent. For the fecond Head of the Socinian Impiety is, That the Grace of God,. and Satisfa- ¿lion of Chrift fl are oppofite and inconfiftent, fo as that if we allow of the one we muff deny the other. But as theft: things are fo propofèd in the Scripture, as that without granting them both, neither can be believed ; fo Faith which refpeéts them as fubordinate, namely, the Mediation of Chrift unto the Grace of God, that fixeth it felt on.the Lord Chrift and that Redemption which is in his blood, as the Ordinance of God, the Effect of his Wifdom, Grace and Love, finds reft in both,, and in nothing elfe. For the proof of the Affertion I need not labour in it ; it being not only abundantly declared in the Scripture, but that which contains in it a principal part of the Defign and Subftance of the Gofpe!. I {hall therefore only refer unto force of the Places wherein it is taught, or the Teftímonies that are given unto it. The whole is expreffod in that place of the ApofIle where- in the DoItrine of Juftification is molt. eminently propofed' unto us, Rom. 3. 24, 25. Being juflifiéd freely by his Grace . through the Redemption that is in Chrifl lefus; whom. Godhat J