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125 CHAP. II. The Nature of yuf1ifying Faith. THat which we (hall now enquire into, is the Nature of yufti fying Faith ; or of Faith in that A& and Exercife of it whereby we are juftified, or whereon Juflification ac- cording unto Gods Ordination and Promife doth enfue. And the Reader is defired to take along with him a fuppofition of thole things which we have already afèribed unto it, as it is fncere Faith in general; as alto of what is required previ- oufly thereunto, as unto its efpecial Nature, Work and Duty in our Juftification. For we do deny that ordina- rily and according unto the method of Gods proceeding with us declared in the Scripture, wherein the Rule of our Duty is prefcribed, that any one doth, or can truly believe with Faith unto Juftification, in whom the Work of Conviction before defcribed, bath not been wrought. All Defcriptions or Definitions of Faith that have not a refpe& thereunto, are but vain fpeculations. And hence force do give us filch. De- finitions of Faith, as it is hard to conceive, that they ever asked of themfelves, what they do in their Believing on Jefus Chrift for Life and Salvation. The Nature of Juftifyying Faith with _refpe &unto that Ex- ercife of it whereby we are juftified, confifteth in the Hearts Approbation of the way of Juflifacation. and Salvation of inners by Jefus Chrifl propof d in the Go#el, as proceeding fr'o'm, the Grace, Wifdom, and .Love .of Gp , with its Acquiefcency there- in, as unto its own Concernment and Condition. There needs no more for the Explanation of this Declara- tion of the Nature of Faith, than what. we. have before proved concerning its Object ; and what may fem. n wanting there-