BT763 O9 1677

i 1'1)6 The Nature of Jufti fying Faith. thereunto, will be fully fupplied'in the enfuing Confirmation of it. The Lord Chrift and his Mediation, as the Ordinance of God for the Recovery, Life and Salvation of finners, is fuppofed as the Object of this Faith. And they are all confi- dered as an Else& of the Wifdom, Grace, Authority and Love of God, with all their a&tings in and towards the Lord Chrift himfelf in his fufception and difcharge of his Office. Hereunto he conflantly refers all that he did and fuffered, with all the Benefits redounding unto the Church thereby. Hence as we obferved before, fometimes the Grace, or Love, or efpecial Mercy of God, fotnetimes his a&ings in or to- wards the Lord Chrift himfeif in fending him, giving him up unto Death, and railing him from the dead, are propofed as the Object of our Faith unto Juftification. But they are fo always with refpe& unto his Obedience and the Atone- ment that he made for fin. Neither are they fo altogether abfolutely confidered, but as propofed in the Promifes of the Gofpel. Hence a fincere Affent unto the divine Veracity in thole Promifes, is included in this Approbation. What belongs unto the Confirmation of this Defcription of Faith {hall be reduced unto thefe four Heads. (t) The De- claration of its contrary, or the nature of privative unbelief upon the propofal of the Gofpel. For thefe things do mutu- ally illuftrate one another. (2) The Declaration of the De- Tgn and End of God in and by the Gockel. (3) The Nature 'of Faiths compliance with that Defign, or its Aecings with refpea thereunto. (..) The Order, Method, and Way of Believing as declared in the Scripture. I. The Goffel is the Revelation or Declaration of that way of Juftification and Salvation for finners by Jefus Chrift, which God in infinite Wifdom, Love and Grace, hathpre- pared. And upon a fuppofition of the Reception thereof, it is accompanied with Precepts of Obedience, and Promifes of Rewards. Therein the Righteoufnef of God, that which he requires,