BT763 O9 1677

13 a The Nature of Yuf if ing Faith, ping the Souls Acquief ency in God, by the way propofed. Again, Some there were at firft, and fùch Hill continue to be, who reje &ed not this way abfolutely, and in the notion of it, but comparatively, as reduced to pra &ice, and fo perifhed in their unbelief. They judged the way of their own Righ- teoufnefs to be better, as that which might be more fàfely trufted unto, as more according unto the mind of God and unto his Glory. So did the yens generally, the frame of whofe minds the Apoftle reprefents, Rom. io. 3, 4. And ma- ny of them affented unto the Do &rive of the Gofpel in ge- neral as true, howbeit they liked it not in their Hearts as the . belt way of Juftification and Salvation, but fought for them by the works of the L aw. Wherefore Vnbelief in its formal nature con-lifts in the want of a fpiritual difcerning, and Approbation of the way of falvation by Jefus Chrift, as an Effe& of the infinite Wif- dom, Goodnefs and Love of God. For wherethefe are, the Soul of a convinced firmer cannot but embrace it, and adhere nto it. Hence alto all Aequiefcency in this Way, and Trutt and Confidence in committing the Soul unto it, or unto God in it, and by it, without which whatever is pretended of Be - keying is but a fhadow of Faith, is impoffible unto fuch per tons. For they want the foundation whereon alone they can be built. And the confderatiion hereof doth fuficiently manifeft wherein the nature of true Evangelical Faith Both, confift. 2. The Dehgn of God in and by the Gofpel with the Work and Office of Faith with refpe& thereunto, farther confirms. the Dcfcription given of it. That which God defigneth. herein in the fuel place, is not the Juftification and Salvation: of inners. His utmoft compleat End in all his Counfèls, is his own Glory ; he cloth all things for himfeif, nor can he who is infinite do otherwife. But in an efpecial mannerr he ex- prefeth.this concerning this way of Salvation by Jefus Chrift. Par