BT763 O9 1677

The Nature of yufii f ing Faith. 129 (elves, and the belief of the pardon of their own fins in par- ticular. For this is not propofed unto them in the firft preaching of the Gofpel, as that which they are firft to be- lieve ; and there may be a believing unto Righteoufnefs where this is not attained, Ifa. 50. io. This will evidence Faith not to be true, but it is not formal unbelief Nor is it the want of Obedience unto the precepts of the Gofpel in Duties of Holinefi and Righteoufnee. For there commands as formally given in and by the Gofpel, belong only unto them that truly believe and are juftified thereon. That there- fore which is required unto Evangelical Faith, wherein the nature of it doth confifl, as it is the foundation of all future Obedience, is the Hearts Approbation of the way of Life and Salvation by Jefus Chrift, propofed unto it as the Effeét of the infinite Wifdom, Love, Grace, and Goodnee of God ; and as that which is fuited unto all the wants and whole de- fign of Guilty Convinced finners. This fuch Perfons have not, and in the want thereof confifts the formal Nature of Vnbelief. For without this, no man is, or can be influenced by the Gofpel unto a Relinquifhment of fin, or encouraged unto Obedience, whatever they may do on other grounds and motives that are forraign unto the Grace of it. And wherever this Cordial fincere Approbation of the way of Salvation by Jefus Chrift propofed in the Gofpel doth pre- vail, it will infallibly produce both Repentance and Obe- dience. If the Mind and Heart of a Convinced firmer ( for of fuch alone we treat ) be able fpiritually to difcern the Wifdom, Love, and Grace of God in this way of Salvation, and be under the power of that perfwafion, he hath the ground of Repentance and Obedience which is given by the Gofpel. The receiving of Chrift mentioned in the Scripture, and whereby the Nature of Faith in its exercife is exprefled, I refer unto the latter part of the Defcription given concer- S