BT763 O9 1677

140 The Nature of 7uJifying Faith.. abfolutely, but as it juftifieth. And fo they plead unto this purpofe, that Faith without works is dead. But to fuppofe that a dead Faith, or that Faith which is dead, is that Faith. which is required of us in the Gofpel in the way of. Duty, is a monfcrous Imagination. Others plead for Obedience, Charity,. the Love of God to be included in the Nature of Faith ; but plead not directly that this Obedience is the forte of Faith, but that which belongs unto the perfe &ion of it, as it is jufti- fying. Neither yet do they fay that by this Obedience, a con- tinued courfi of Works and Obedience, as though that were necefiary unto our firft Juftification, is required ; but only. a fancere active purpofe of Obedience ; and thereon, as the manner of our days is, load them with reproaches who are otherwife minded, if they knew who they were. For how ¡., impoffible it is according unto their principles who believe [ Juftification by Faith alone, that juftifying Faith fhould be without a (äncere purpofe of Heart to obey God in all things, I fhall briefly declare. For (t) They believe that Faith is not of our felves, it is the Gift of God; yea that it is a Grace wrought in the Hearts of men by the exceeding greatnefs of his Power. And to fuppofe fuch a Grace dead, una&ive, un- fruitful, not operative unto the Great End of the Glory of God, and the transforming of the Souls of them that receive it into his Image, is a Refle&ion on the Wifdom, Goodnefs, and Love of God himfelf. (2) That this Grace is in them a principle of ffiiritual Life ; which in the habit of it as refident in the Heart, is not really diftinguifhed from that of all other ?'. Grace whereby we live to God. So that there fhould be Faith habitually in the Heart, I mean that Evangelical Faith 9 h! we enquire after, oractually exercifed, where there is not an habit of all other Graces, is utterly impoffible. Neither is it poflible that there fhould be any Exercife of this Faith un- to Juftification, but where the mind is prepared, difpofed, and determined unto univerfal Obedience. And therefore (3) It