BT763 O9 1677

The f` at ire of ynft f ing Faith. It 43- and fo is equally a condition of our Juftification. The Am- biguity of the fignification of the word Condition, doth caft much diforder on the prevent enquiry, in the Difcourfes of force men. But to pars it by at prefent, I fay final perfiverance is a neceffary condition of the New Covenant; wherefore by this Rule it is alto of Juftification. They fay fotne things are Conditions abf lately, fuch as are Faith and Repentance, and a purpofe of Obedience, force are fo on force fúppofition only ; namely,. that a mans life be continued in this world, filch is a courfe in Obedience and Good Works, and Perfe - veranee unto the End.. Wherefore I fay then, that on fup- pofition that a man lives in this World, perfeverance unto the End is a neceffary Condition of his Juftification. And if fò, no man can be juftified whilft he is in this World. For a Condition doth fufpend that whereof it is a Condition from; Exiftence, until it be accomplithed. It is then to no purpofe to difpute any longer about Juftification, if indeed no man is nor can be juftified in this life. But how contrar this is to Scripture and Experience is known. If it be Paid that final perfeverance, which is fo. exprefs a Condition of Salvation in the New Covenant, is not indeed the Condition of our frf Jufifisation, but it is the Condition of the Continuation of our Juf-tification; then they yield -up their grand pofition, that whatever is a neceffary Condition of the New Covenant, is a neceffary Condition of Juftifïca -.. tion; for it is that which they call the firf Jufifrcation alone which we treat about. And that the Continuation of our Juftification depends fölely on the fame caufes with our Jeri- ;cation it felt', fnall be afterwards declared. But it is not yet proved, nor ever will be, that whatever is required i), them that are to be juftified, is a Condition whereon their àuít.ifcation is immediately füfpended.. We allow that alone to be a Condition of Juftification .which path 'ni safkence ` Á .eanfality thereunto, though it be but the calif lity of an Im f}._..,.,,.,,,..