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'142 The Xature of Aflifiing Faith. . Reproaches of the Romanßs, do fay we are juftified by Faith alone, but not by that Faith which is alone, that we intend by Faith all other Graces and Obedience alto. For betides that, the nature of no other Grace is capable of that Office which is afíigned unto Faith in our Juftification, nor can be affumed into a foéiety in operation with it, namely, to receive Chrift, and the promifes of life by him, and to give Glory unto God on their Account; fo when they can give us any Teftimony of Scxipture affigning our Juftification unto any other Grace, or all Graces together, or all the Fruits of them, fo as it is afíigned unto Faith, they lhall be atten- ded unto. And this in particular is to be affirmed of Repentance, con- cerning which it is moft vehemently urged, that it is of the , fame neceffity unto our Juftification as Faith is. For this they fay is eafily proved from Teftimonies of Scripture innu- merable, which call all men to Repentance that will be Caved; efpecially thofe two eminent places are infifted on ; M. 2. 38, 39. chap. 3. 16. but that which they have to prove, is not that it is of the fame neceffity with Faith unto them that are to be juftified, but that it is of the fame of with Faith in their Juftification. Laptifin in that place of the Apoftle, ACI. 2. 38, 39 is joined with Faith no lets than Repentance. And in other places it is exprefly put into the fame condi- tion. Hence moft of the Antients concluded that it was no leis neceffary unto Salvation than Faith or Repentance it felf. Yet never did any of them afiign it the fame ufe in Juftifica- tion with Faith. But it is pleaded, whatever is a neceffary condi- tion of the new Covenant is alto a neceffary Condition of Juftifi- cation. For otherwife a man might be juftified, and continu- ing in his juftified eftate not be Paved, for want of that necef- fary condition. For by a neceffäry Condition of the new Co- venant they underftand that, without which a man cannot be faxed. But of this Nature is Repentance as well as Faith, and