BT763 O9 1677

5 6 The V, f e of Faith in YufJi ficatio;? ; another an hundred pound, is that he be paid it again with :In- tereft. The Condition whereon a man conveyeth his Land unto another, is, that he receive fo much money for it. So a Condition is a valuable confideration. And fometimes it fignifies fuch things as are added to the principal caufe where- on its operation is fufpended. As a man bequeaths an hun- dred pound unto another, on condition that he come or go to fuch a place to demand it. This is no valuable con(idera tion, yet is the effe& of the principal caufe, or the Will of the Teftator fùfpended thereon. And as unto Degrees of refpe& unto that whereof any thing is a Condition, as to pur chafe, procurement, valuable confideration, neceffary pre- fence, the variety is endlefs. We therefore cannot obtain a determinate fenfe of this word Condition, but from a parti- cular declaration of what is intended by it, wherever it is ufed. And although this be not fufficient to exclude the 2.1 fe of it from the Declaration of the way and manner how we are juftified by Faith; yet is it fo to exclude the impofition of any precife fignification of it, any other than is given it by the matter treated of Without this every thing is left ambi- guous' and uncertain whereunto it is applied. For Inftance ; It is commonly faid that Faith and New Obedience are the Condition of the New Covenant. But yet becaufe of the ambiguous fignification and various ufe of that term ( Condition) we cannot certainly underftand what is intended in the .Affertion. If no more be intended, but that God in and by the New Covenant Both indifpenfibly require thefe things of us, that is, the Reflipulation of a good Confluence towards God by the Refurreclion of Chrifl" from the dead, in order unto his own Glory, and our full enjoyment of all the Benefits of it, it is unqueftionably true. But if it be intended, that they are fuch a Condition of the Covenant, as to be by us performed antecedently unto the participation RE any. Grace, Mercy, or Privilecdge of it, fo as that they ihould