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Its eJ)3ecialObjeF farther cleared. I57. fhould be the confderation and procuring caufès of them, that they fhould be all of them as fame fpeak, the Reward of our Faith and Obedience, it is moft falfe, and not only con- trary to exprefs Teftimonies of Scripture, but deftru& ive of the nature of the Covenant it felf. If it be intended that thefe things, though promifed in the Covenant and wrought in us by the Grace of God, are yet Duties required of us in order unto the participation and enjoyment of the full End of the Covenant in Glory, it is the Truth which is aflèrted. But if it be faid that Faith and New Obedience, that is the Worlds of Righteoufnefwhich we do, are fo the Condition of the Covenant, ati that whatever the one is ordained of God as a means of, and in order to fuch or fuch an End, as 7ufli -- fication, that the other is likewife ordained unto the fame End, with the fame kind of Efficacy, or with the fame refpeft unto the effect, it is exprefly contrary to the whole (cope and exprefs Defign of the Apoftle on that Subjeft. But it will be laid that a Condition in the fenfe intended, when Faith is Paid to be the Condition of our Juftification, is no more but that it is caufa fine qua non ; which is eafie enough to be apprehended. But yet neither are we fo delivered out of uncertainties, into a plain underftanding of what is inten- ded. For thefe caufe fine quibns non, may be taken largely or more ftri&ly and precifely. So are they commonly diftin- guifhed by the Mailers in thefe Arts. Thofe fo called in a larger fenfe, are all filch caufès in any kind of efficiency or merit, as are inferiour unto principal Caufes, and would ope- rate nothing without them, but in conjunClion with them have a real effeerive influence, Pbyfical or Moral, into the produffion of the effect. And if we take a Condition to be . a caul fine qua non, in this fenfe, we are frill at a lofs what may be its Ufe, Efficiency or Merit, with refpeec unto our Juftification. If it be taken more ftriltly for that which is necefarily prefent, but hath no cai. fility in any hind, not that