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Its of ecial Obje J farther cleared. 159 ton of it cannot be agreed upon, is fubfervient only unto the Intereft of unprofitable ftrife and contention. To dole 1hefe Difcourfes concerning Faith and its `Ufe in our Juftification, force things muft yet be added concerning its efiecial ObjeCt., For although what hath been fpoken al- ready thereon, in the defcription of its nature and object in general, be fufficient in general to Rate its efpecial Object al-- fo ; yet there having been an Enquiry concerning- it, and debateabout it in a peculiar notion, and under force efpecial terms, that alto muft be confidered. And this is whether ju- ftifying Faith in our Juftification or its Vfe' therein, do re - fpect Chrift as a King and Prophet, as well as a Prieft with the fatisfactíon that as fuch he made for -us, and that in the fame manner, and unto-the -fame Ends and Purpofes. And I fhall> be brief in this Enquiry, becaufe it is but a late controver{i_e, and it may be hath more of Curiofity in its Difquifition, than of Edification in its Determination. However being not, that I know of; under there terms Rated in any publick Con - feffions of the Reformed Churches, it is free for any to ex -.- prefs their Apprehenfions concerning it. And to : this pur- pofe I fay ;: i. Faith whereby we are uftified in the receiving of Chriff, principally refpe &s his Perfon for all thofe Ends for which he - is the Ordinance of God. It doth not in the firft place as it is Faith in general, refpeec his Perron abfolutely, fèeing its formal Object as filch, is the Truth of God in the Propofiti on, and not the thing it Pelf propofed. Wherefore it fo re fpe&s and receives Chrift as propofed in the- Promife ; the Pro- - mile it Pelf being the formal Object of its Affent. 2. We cannot fo receive Chrift in the Promife, as in that - Aft of receiving him to exclude the confideration of any of his Offices. For as he is not- at any time to be confidered by us, but as vetted with all his Offices, fo a cliftiner conception of the mind to receive Chrlfi as o Prieft -tut not as a . Kì or Prof let