BT763 O9 1677

i6o The Vfe of Faith in jufh fication; Prophet, is not Faith but unbelief, not the receiving but the rejeeting of him. 3. In the receiving of Chrift for Juftification formally, our cliftin& exprefs Defign is to be ¡unified thereby, and no more. Now to be juftified is to be freed from the Guilt of fin, or to have all our fins pardoned, and to have a Righteoufnefs wherewith to appear before God, fo as to be accepted with him, and a Right to the Heavenly Inheritance. Every Be- liever bath other defigns allo, wherein he is equally concer- ned with this ; as namely, the Renovation of his Nature, the San &ification of his Perlon, and Ability to live untoGod in all holy Obedience. But the things before mentioned are all that he aimeth at or d @figneth in his Applications unto Chrift, or his receiving of him unto Juftification. Where- fore, 4. 7ufli fying Faith in that Mt or Work of it whereby we are juftified, refpe &eth Chrift in his Priefily Office alone; as he was the furety of the Covenant, with what he did in the difcharge thereof. The Confideration of his other Offices is not excluded, but it is not formally comprifed in the Obje& of Faith as Juftifying. s. When we fay that the Sacerdotal Office of Chr, or the Blood of Chrift, or the f tisfacfion of Chrift is that alone which Faith refpe &s in Juftification, we do not exclude, yea we do really include and comprife in that Affertion, all that depends thereon, or concurs to make them effe &ual unto our Juftification. As (i) The free Grace and Favour of God in giving of Chrift for us and unto us, whereby we are fre- quently Paid to be juftified, Rom. 3.24. Ephef. 2. 8. Tit.3.7. His Wifdom, Love, Righteoufnefs and Power, are of the fame Confideration as bath been declared. (2) Whatever in Chrift himfelf was neceffary antecedently unto his dif- charge of that Office, or was confequential thereof, or did nccefiârily accompany it. Such was his Incarnation, the whole court